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Events for Saturday, October 24, 2020

Usui Level III Reiki Class (In-Person and Zoom)
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
(The in-person class size will be limited for social distancing. The Zoom class will be interactive with Q&A throughout, and the attunements are just as powerful!)

Integrate Reiki into your being and into your health at a much deeper level. You will become “attuned” to the final level of Universal healing energy, and will receive an additional sacred symbol to help you channel healing energy from the Highest Source.

We will also discuss meridian line healing, crystal gridding for body ailments, how to release karmic ties, intuitive and shamanic healing methods, and how to incorporate pendulums, crystals and aromatherapy into your treatments. The class is taught in the traditional Usui method.

Prerequisite: Level 2 Reiki training from an accredited Master Teacher at least 6 months prior, with many hours of self-treatment practice. You also want to be able to draw the Level 2 symbols from memory. If your goal is to also treat other people and/or animals, you need many hours of practice with that also.

Class Cost: $200

To sign up call 216-408-5578 or go to www.LovingHandsYoga/Reiki/Reiki-Classes

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