Far Reaching Effect

The Collinwood Observer:

I received the first and second issues you printed from a friend in Cleveland. A local paper representing the views of the community is truly a welcome sight. I wanted to take the time to give it the justice it deserved and read it thoroughly. It surely brings back fond memories. I can remember The Scoop as it published news articles and student award recognitions. The paper was good for the community, and it was a shame it stopped publication. Attending Collinwood High, and then on to Kent State, The Scoop kept me informed of happy times even when I was away. It also told the story of the saddening event of shootings at Kent State; it was reported professionally, but still brought out the emotional sensitivity of the tragedy. Your community newspaper has far more readers than just locally. I now live in Tampa Florida and welcome the opportunity to "re-live" those wonderful past memories, as well as present and future events through The Observer. Your paper may be small in size, but very large in the goodness and the appreciative nature it provides to all. Keep up the the good work and thanks for being there.

George W. Matthews

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Volume 1, Issue 4, Posted 10:47 PM, 11.04.2009