Paint Me Happy: An email worth reading

Most of us receive emails from friends, strangers, and businesses asking for everything from donations to “let’s get together” or a myriad of other requests. I recently received an email from a friend of mine, Betty Wasiloff asking for my help in finding volunteers for her non-profit organization, Paint Me 

A year ago, Betty was diagnosed with cancer and as she was going through the treatment journey that included radiation and chemotherapy, she lost her hair. After the initial shock, her first reaction was one of sadness and feeling down in the dumps.  That was short-lived however because then she thought she could continue to be down in the dumps or she could do something about it. So, she started Paint Me The group paints hats for patients with cancer or other life threatening diseases. She has collaborated with Ireland Cancer Center and Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital of University Hospital in Cleveland to distribute individually painted hats to their patients. 

The response from family, friends, neighborhood groups, schools and social groups was tremendous when it came to painting the hats. However, now she is faced with the situation where she does not have enough volunteers who will go with her to the hospital to deliver the hats. 

In her email, she stated that the best part of the whole process is delivery of the hats. The patients are happy to receive something made especially for them in their current situation. The goal of the organization is to uplift the spirits of cancer patients –one hat at a time-- and from the looks on the faces of the patients, that goal is being met.  She also mentioned that she is looking for corporate sponsors to help defray the cost of materials. Individual sponsorship is also an option. 

You can view her organization and what they have done at  The Patient Gallery section tells the story better than I can. 

If you can spend 2-4 hours, or more, per week, volunteering during the day, you can reach Betty through email at the website or by calling her at 216-403-0400 or 216-383-8057.  Hats are distributed Monday through Friday. If you do not have time but want to make a donation, you can do that at the website as well. All monies after the cost of doing business is earmarked for University Hospital for underfunded cancer research projects. 

Many emails are bothersome but I am happy I took the time to read this one and I am happy to help spread the story of this dedicated woman and the cause that touches too many of our lives.
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Volume 1, Issue 6, Posted 10:02 AM, 12.10.2009