Help the Euclid Beach Adopt-a-Beach Team buy new trash and recycle bins for Euclid Beach Park!

The Euclid Beach Adopt-a-Beach team wants to buy new trash and recycling bins for Euclid Beach Park and we need your help! If you are not familiar with us, Adopt-a-Beach is a volunteer organization and subsidiary of the Alliance for The Great Lakes, a Chicago based non-profit dedicated to sustaining and improving the health of our lakes and beaches. Each month our team at Euclid Beach conducts beach clean ups. From our waste data collected, it is apparent that Euclid Beach Park faces improper waste disposal problems. On the beach currently, there are three 55-gallon open steel drum barrels that are used for trash disposal.  These units are inadequate for containing trash because:
  1. Trash overflow is problematic during the summer months.
  2. Animals like seagulls and raccoons remove and spread trash across the beach.

The spread of trash across the beach is a likely contributor to higher levels of bacteria in the surrounding sand and water. Visibly, it communicates a lack of care for the quality of our beaches, encouraging even more littering. 

The Euclid Beach Adopt-a-Beach Team wants to purchase and install three trash and three recycling stations at each major entry point onto the beach. We have selected trash and recycling units that are anchored, closed lid and made of recycled materials.  

In order for this project to be successful, we need your support!  Our team hopes to raise $1500 in individual contributions by early July!  All we ask from you is a $5 donation!

--Thanks, The Euclid Beach Team

Mail checks only to

Northeast Shores Development Corporation, 317 East 156th Street, Cleveland, OH, 44119

Make checks out to: Northeast Shores Development Corp. On subject line: “Euclid Beach Project”

For more information, contact Stephen Love (216)-571-0685

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