Personal Hell

I saw
A black
When I widen
My eyes I expected to see
Home before me.
But I didn't see anything.
I would have sobbed dramatically
But I can't seem to let the tears escape.
Off to the right.
I hear
Your distant
Laughter of
Done to me?
You wanted to take all
Your anger out on me for
Something I didn't do?
That's right.
You were jealous
Of me.
You knew you would never
Have my dark chocolate eyes
Or my quick thinking mind.
So you wanted me out of your way.
What will everyone think
Of you now?

I feel my blood
Seep into the ground
So I can be reborn again.
Sticky and
Thick as though
You chewed me up
Like a piece of gum
Just to spit me out
Onto the pavement
For someone to
Step on.
And yet
You let the bullet
You shot,
Sever my soul.
My only reason
For existing.
As my life
Slips away,
You look at my
Lifeless body
As your trophy.
This black cave I let
My mind
My being
Slip into
Is your
Personal hell.
You just needed
My perfectness
To run it.

Crystal Mays is  a 15-year-old from The Cleveland School of the Arts. It is her first year there and she is  going to be part of the Slam U Poetry Workshop.

Crystal Mays

I'm a 15 year old from The Cleveland School of the Arts. My first year there and I am going to be part of the Slam U Poetry Workshop.

Volume 3, Issue 2, Posted 11:10 AM, 04.04.2011