Cover Your Assets No Interest Loan Program

Need help replacing your old, battered roof? Do you live in the 44119 zip code? Then you may qualify for the 0% Loan offered by Neighborhood Housing Services in partnership with Northeast Shores Development Corporation. This program, unlike other programs, has no income qualifications. The loan amount is a maximum of $10,000 for roof and gutter repairs. There are no payments due upon the loan until sale or transfer of the property. To enroll into the program income documentation and application is required though it will not disqualify you in any means from the loan. The only restrictions are that you must be up-to-date with your current mortgage, tax payments and that the home must be owner occupied. 

This limited time program offers you the opportunity to take care of a major issue without incurring the kind of upfront, debilitating expense that a new roof generally comes with. This program not only allows you to take action now, but it allows you to rest comfortably without worrying about interest or payments.

You literally owe nothing back until you either sell or transfer your home. Again, while this is a loan program, you will not have any payments until you SELL OR TRANSFER your home. This program is designed to help us all through these tough economic times, not to create more debt while we wade our way through these very real issues.

You may have previously self-determined that you don’t qualify for other Northeast Shores housing programs, but it is critical to note that this initiative does not operate under the same economic guidelines. We strongly urge you to contact us and let us help to determine if you are good fit for this program--no matter what your preconceptions might be.

I am here in our office and excited to help you get the ball rolling on getting your new roof! Once you discuss your needs with me, I will guide you through applying and the documentation that is needed. I can be reached at (216) 481-7660 or via email at

Charlie Kamen

Housing Programs Manager Northeast Shores Development Corp.

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Volume 4, Issue 2, Posted 8:21 AM, 03.03.2012