Fifth Grade Writers

Cristan and Darian show how our hamburger paragraphs turned out.

In Social Studies the fifth graders just finished studying the different explorers that came to North America.  They had to do some research on their explorer and then write information on their display.  They also wrote a paragraph on why their explorer was so famous.  We have these displayed in our hallway right outside our fifth grade door for all to enjoy.

In English class the fifth graders learned how to put together a paragraph hamburger style.  They had to use the sandwich technique.  They wrote a topic sentence followed by 4 to 5 detailed sentences and then a conclusion.  Their paragraphs were very interesting with all the different kinds of ingredients that made their work fun to read.  They also wrote book reviews for Reading class to get other students interested in the good books that they read this year.

We have been working on all types of writing this year.  When we write in the fifth grade, we try to make it more interesting when we integrate English, Art, and Technology into our writing.  In the end they learn how to cook up some pretty impressive writings.

Marilyn Ottato

Miss Ottato, the fifth grade teacher.

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Volume 8, Issue 3, Posted 2:00 PM, 03.06.2016