Bringing Hollywood to Collinwood

Host of "Take Two" (and Collinwood native) Alexis Nunn with Ivan Schwarz, CEO of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission

Bringing Hollywood to Collinwood: the FCB Radio Network is Growing Rapidly and Changing the Face of Urban Digital Radio

The FCB Radio Network, a leading producer of urban and multicultural content headquarted in Collinwood, is on a roll. Since the organization moved into the Chandler Park building last October, their shows have been growing at a rapid pace. “September was our largest listener month ever”, says Darvio “Kingpin” Morrow, CEO and co-host of the Outlaws Radio Show on the network. “It’s been unbelievable. All of our shows are doing extremely well, but we’ve seen the largest growth in The Outlaws and Take Two.”

Take Two, a new show on the network, is hosted by Alexis Nunn, a Collinwood teenager who has exploded onto the radio scene. “I am just so thrilled with the success of Alexis’ show”, said Darvio. “She was extremely patient as we helped to develop her talent and her career. Now, it is her time.” Alexis was one of the original participants in the non-profit iMedia Program, which is based in the Collinwood Recreation Center and where Darvio serves as one of the instructors. Alexis was in the program from the age of 14 until she aged out at 19. At the program she developed the very interview skills that she currently uses on her show.

In a short time, Take Two has interviewed local, regional and national celebrities. Tia Ewing from CBS Channel 19 in Cleveland, Hollywood stylist Rayne, Dee McGhee from HBO’s “Black Salt”, State Representative Marlene Anielski and more have been on the young show. Take Two is now available on iTunes, Stitcher and other major platforms. 

The Outlaws Radio Show, hosted by Darvio along with Jessica “Lavish” Fleming and Eric “E-Will” Williams, has been having astring of high profile local and national interviews. “Just in the last couple of months, we’ve talked to David Banner, Jeff Johnson from BET, Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, Cocoa Brown from Tyler Perry’s ‘For Better or Worse’, Kira Davis from RedState”, said Darvio, “and on the local front, we’ve interviewed Ray Jr, Collin Taylor from the Cleveland Gladiators, Andrea Vecchio from the new TV show ‘Driving Cleveland’. It’s been insane.” Darvio says that they now have so many interview requests from local and national celebrities that it is becoming difficult to book the show. In March of 2016 The Outlaws was picked up by iHeartRadio, which has added fuel to the fire of the show’s growth.

One of the biggest honors that the network as a whole has had was being the only black-owned, Cleveland based digital radio outlet covering the Republican National Convention from Media Row. “That was amazing”, said Darvio. “Just the experience. It was incredible. For us, being a majority-minority radio network, we thought that it was critical to be in the room and to be able to ask questions that many of the other outlets could not or would not.” At the RNC, the network did a joint broadcast of The Outlaws and The Todd Allyn Show (a political talk show on FCB). While there they interviewed Roland Martin, Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks, Congressional candidate Lenny McAllister, Eugene Craig from TV One fame (who lambasted his own party’s nominee, Donald Trump, on air) and a host of other dignitaries, book writers, and pundits. 

The FCB Radio Network is moving forward and looking forward to the next phase. “The legendary on air personality Ronny Knight will be debuting his show on the network,” said Darvio. “He is going to be talking to the biggest acts in the world of Gospel music and Christian Entertainment. I am expecting that to be a big show for us.” The network has also brought on news reporter Alicia Finch, who will be joining the network on a regular basis. “I am keeping our plans for her a secret, but I am excited.”

Darvio says that the network is proud to be able to talk to major figures from the Collinwood area. “This is where I’m from and I want to see it succeed. Chandler Park and Lance Johnson have been incredible partners for us and right now there isn’t another place that we would rather be.”

All of the FCB Radio Network shows are available by typing in the show titles on iTunes, the Stitcher Radio apps or their website The Outlaws Radio Show is also on iHeartRadio.

Darece Daniels

Collinwood resident over 30 years, Director of The Eyes Have It Media Group 

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Volume 8, Issue 10, Posted 7:55 PM, 10.03.2016