Joyce Ramey Palumbo (3/19/1954 - 1/27/2017)

Childhood pals from E. 156th, Joyce Ramey Palumbo and Mary Jane Ianetta Hallahan at Mirabile's

Old Friends 

Hey, old friend 

What d'ya say, old friend? 

Are you okay, old friend? 

Are we, are we unique? 

Time goes by 

Everything else keeps changing

You and I, we can 

Continue next week, yeah 

Most friends fade 

Or they don't make the grade 

New ones are quickly made 

And in a pinch, sure they'll do 

But us, old friend 

What's to discuss, old friend? 

Here to us, who's like us? 

Damn few 

Song lyrics by Stephen Sondheim (b 3/22/1930) from musical Merrily We Roil Along (1981) 

Rubaiyat verse - A Calling

Early one morning I heard an angelic chime 

Bringing news of a loving and joyous clime 

Pursuit of the unimportant is the worst crime 

Live in joy & love before the end of your time. 

by Omar Khayyam (5/18/1048-12/4/1131) Nishapur, Persia, present day Iran 

William McCulloch

Amateur local historian

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