GardenWalk Cleveland 2017

A perfect summer weekend welcomed visitors to North Collinwood on July 8 and 9 for our first appearance on the 6th annual GardenWalk tour held in 4 Cleveland neighborhoods (the others were West Park, Slavic Village, and Detroit Shoreway). They were treated to a wonderful variety of garden styles and venues, including a terraced slope to a private sandy beach, a garden full of rare and prized day lillies, a "pocket farm" with bees and chickens, a sustainable unmanicured lakefront garden which had the feel of a movie set, a hidden backyard "fairy garden," several appealing "no mow" gardens, and a lovely Art Park next to NSDC on on E 156, which served as the Headquarters. David Simpson Hospice House Vista Walk and Tribute Garden was a Special Feature stop as well. Saturday visitors were invited to join the Collinwood Community Pot Luck at Euclid Beach. There were 30 stops on the tour where visitors (many first time) met and talked with the gardeners and left not only with ideas and gardening tips, but with many appealing reasons to return to North Collinwood for other amenities, such as recreation (Metroparks), dining and entertainment. Several left with a Scoop on Summer and the remaining summer concert schedule and were encouraged to pay us a return visit. The feedback from visitors, gardeners, and the GardenWalk Committee members was overwhelmingly positive and it is likely hat we will be invited to repeat in the future.

I sincerely wish to thank all of the generous homeowners who took a leap of faith and volunteered to share the fruits of their sweat equity and creativity with a parade of garden lovers. I can say with all honesty that it was time well spent. In the event of a future appearance in the GardenWalk, you will all be invited back, and additional volunteers will be most welcome. 

Now just enjoy your summer in your amazing gardens.

Teri Dew

Resident of Coronado Beach Association since 2005. Garden finder for GardenWalk Cleveland:first year in NorthShore Collinwood.

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Volume 9, Issue 8, Posted 12:12 PM, 08.04.2017