South Collinwood Community Youth Workforce Leadership

Family 4 Life Center on 148th and St Clair

Summer time is delicious Ice cream, a great breeze, fun in the sun at the beach, and summer jobs. Summer job youth employees under the collaboration of Y.O.U and the Family 4 Life Center connected with new curriculum this year. Pam Hagler CEO for Family 4 Life Center on the Southwest side of Collinwood, teamed up with a volunteer Business Consultant from the St Clair City Center to instruct the students. The Summer Job youth were taught workforce development, entrepreneurship, leadership, and given a breath of non-profit education to help them for their future. The students this year gathered into 3 groups and identified 3 different Community Projects that would ultimately bring a positive impact for Southwest Collinwood. Community Clean ups and Street Club Registration is the 1st project that occurs monthly to May of 2018, Food for Youth is the second project

Community Clean ups and Street Club Registration is the 1st project that occurs monthly from September 2017 to May of 2018, Food For Youth is the second project that offers healthy breakfast for Collinwood students or young adults to stop in the St Clair City Center on the way to school or  work at no cost, and the third project is a new digital community board that will sit on the outside side wall of the Family 4 Life Center Building advertising businesses or events conveying messages to people traveling St Clair. Ultimately the group of students vows to call themselves Team Young and are working to help Engage Collinwood and Cleveland with their new found leadership. Team Young are accepting donations and Letters of Support to help inclusively develop in Collinwood.

Team Young is learning to write Neighborhood Connections grants to assist with their community project ideas of bringing positive changes to Collinwood, as a part of their workforce development, leadership, and Nonprofit training. It is a joy working with the fresh positive energy of young adults who are willing to work to their goals. The work that Team Young does and offer to small businesses include Administration, Marketing, and projects dealing with Community Development. Team Young called a Community Meeting to be held July 19, at the 7 Entertainers Café, located in the Family 4 Life Center on St Clair. The guest invited are Collinwood Community stakeholders, businesses, police and residents, to help build capacity for the projects coming up in September and shall carry well into spring of 2018. The Family 4 life center houses several businesses such as 7 entertainers cafe, Kalours salon which is the home and headquarters for Kalours makeup and cosmetics line, St Clair City Development, Champions Barbershop, the party bus and the spa.


Ephraim Abdullah


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Volume 9, Issue 8, Posted 12:12 PM, 08.04.2017