ABC, We Love to READ!

     Within the past few years, Reading has become a hot topic from the thoughts of, "Will my child pass the Third Grade Reading Test?" to worrying about the "Fourth Grade Slump." Yet, the Second Graders at St. Jerome School feel Reading is NOT a hot topic, but Reading is COOL! We are experiencing that Reading is not just learning phonetics, building vocabulary, and fluency, but Reading opens the world without us ever leaving the classroom. Well, maybe we do leave the classroom...

     Our Second Graders experience the full gambit of Reading. We keenly listen to various stories being read as well as becoming active participants through a craft project pertaining to the story during our Library time. (Don't tell them that they are fostering their comprehension skills.) Also, questions sprinkled through the tales being told offer the chance for the children to strengthen their inference skills. (Please, don't tell them this either because they think they are having fun.) The chance to choose their own book to read opens the door to the different genres, experiences, and escapes. This is just one of many building blocks used to form a love and passion for Reading.

     When we do sit in the classroom, Second Graders actually learn about Reading (That's what we are told we are supposed to do...learn), such as how to use the mechanics of a story from identifying the author and/or illustrator, really examining the pictures and captions, and finding our answers through text evidence.  There are even times when we read our favorite stories to our fellow classmates (Oh, is this developing fluency?).  We even take time to write and share our own stories.  Dr. Suess better watch out!

     So, whether in the classroom or on the front steps, Second Grade is creating something special inside themselves.  A life-long talent that will carry them anywhere in and out of this world.  A love for Reading!


Monica Marolt

Second Grade teacher at St. Jerome School

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Volume 9, Issue 10, Posted 3:28 PM, 10.08.2017