Fourth and Fifth Grade Activities

Some of the students were examining the area around a big tree.

The fifth graders are studying ecosystems in Science this quarter.  They just finished a field study on their school grounds.  They brought with them string, gloves, magnifying glasses, collecting jars, and field guides to do their study.  They collected and identified the producers and the consumers that they observed within their sample area.  They recorded their findings.  They were pretty surprised that they found many insects and worms in their area.  Now that they have completed their field study, they will be putting together their own ecosystems that they will display in the classroom.  They will be putting together terrariums.  They will get a closer look at how a very small ecosystem can develop and survive in a very small container.

In Social Studies we just started to study the Indians of the Southwest.  We will be putting together their own totem poles with construction paper.  They will pick three animals that will represent their totem poles.  They will research totems poles and learn how important these structures represented the culture of the Native Americans of the Southwest 

St. Jerome will once again participate in the "Pennies for Pasta" a fund to help those with Leukemia and Lymphoma.  During our kick-off assembly, students learned how the smallest donation of spare change has the power to make a difference.  Each student was given a box to collect spare change or change they may have earned from doing chores.  The funds raised will assist in serving all patients, as well as funding innovative research worldwide to find cures, public health, and professional education.  As an extra incentive, if the school raises $750.00, the classroom with the top donations will receive a pasta lunch from Olive Garden.

Marilyn Ottato

By Miss Ottato 5th Grade and Mrs. Hughes 4th Grade

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