Commemorating The One Hundred and Tenth Anniversary of the Collinwood School Fire of 1908

Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society presents Commemorating The One Hundred and Tenth Anniversary of the Collinwood School Fire of 1908.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years, since our community remembered the 100th Anniversary of the Collinwood School Fire, of 1908.

Yet here we are, ten years later, remembering again, this tragedy that not only tore our own community apart, but truly had a far reaching impact on not just Collinwood, or our nation, but the world. It underlines the strength of this community of ours; we can never forget the tragedy of this - but we must also celebrate the strength of our Collinwood community in overcoming it. It is why the Memorial Garden stands in front of Memorial School - and why Memorial School is Memorial School.

Briefly, for those perhaps not familiar with the story, on Ash Wednesday, March 4th 1908, Lakeview School on Collamer Rd (what’s now E 152nd St), caught fire, killing 172 students, two teachers, & one “unknown” rescuer. Because of the Collinwood School Fire, doorways to public buildings were revamped, to ensure safe escape in case of fire.

That’s the very basic story, the rest of the story is complex, and fascinating.

So come February 2018, your Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society will be kicking off a series of events, commemorating this the 110th Anniversary of the Collinwood School Fire. Do look at the accompanying schedule of events; not only will there be a month long display about the Fire, at Memorial Nottingham Library, each Saturday will also have a program, then the Commemoration itself over March 4th & 5th. We’re also excited to be working with Mr James Badal, and the Kent State Press, on a book about the Fire - and are looking forward to sharing that (and more) with the community. Hope to see you there!

There’s something else too. We’ll be looking for your stories about the Collinwood School Fire. What stories have been handed down in your family? Are there photos, newspaper clippings etc you’d be willing to share? We’ve been researching this for over ten years, and we still come across things that help “tell the story” - you could very well have yet another piece of this so very complex story. So do get in touch with us! We very much appreciate it!

Looking forward to meeting all of you! 

Elva Brodnick
Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society
Little Red Cap Project

For More Information:

Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society // 216-738-0626

Elva Brodnick

Moved to Collinwood in 2012 - and loving it! - but have been active in the neighborhood for many years before that.

Always interested in promoting Collinwood! Euclid Beach Park, Collinwood School Fire - Collinwood history in general. A regular contributor to the Collinwood Observer, as well as very much involved in things in the neighborhood.

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