Third Graders Are Cool!

            Every student, no matter the age, loves December for the two-week holiday break, but the Third Graders at Saint Jerome are excited about some of the other things that lead up to the break!  They have been working hard all year on their Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic and we will continue doing so with some fun lessons.

This winter we have been taking on the book, Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Florence Atwater and Richard Atwater.  Mr. Popper paints houses in Stillwater. He lives with his family which is a wife, his daughter Janie, and his son, Bill. He dreams about faraway places, and he writes to the great Admiral Drake. The Admiral writes back and gives him a surprise- a real penguin, which he names Captain Cook.  Our Third Graders are finding out what happens next in the book!   When we are finished reading the book, we will also get to go see the play at Playhouse Square in Downtown Cleveland for a live performance of the story.  This book is hilarious and is the perfect fit for the winter!

            Not only are we spending a lot of time reading, we are also getting ready for the birth of Jesus Christ.  During the month of December we will learn all about the Coming of Jesus and celebrate his special day and the days leading to his birth!  We will create Advent Calendars, learn and re-enact the play about the Christmas, and find out the true meaning of the holiday.

            With learning about the Coming of Christ and Christmas, we will also hop into Social Studies to learn about the traditions in different countries for Christmas. We have also had the chance to study different traditions in other countries during the Christmas holiday.  Some of the countries the students studied were Germany, Mexico, Australia, Kenya, Sweden, and England.  The students loved having the opportunity to use the IPADS to research this information.

           During the month of October, the students created personal narratives that told a story about an event in their life.  This month, we have been beginning our explanatory writing.  They have the opportunity to teach the class about how to do something by using their writing skills to compose such a piece.  The Third Grade students at Saint Jerome spend a lot of time drafting, revising, and finalizing their writing pieces to perfection.

           December is a COOL month and the Third Graders at Saint Jerome are going to make sure of that!

Mrs. Lyons
3rd Grade Teacher
Saint Jerome Elementary

Sarah Lyons

3rd Grade Teacher at Saint Jerome Elementary

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