Some hot chili peppers during the cold months

It might be only be 34 degrees outside, but inside Chili Peppers on E.185th st. the temperature is toasty warm, and some of the sauces are extra hot.

 As the three of us from the office go to Chili Peppers for lunch, it seems everyone from the neighborhood is there, and the line moves smooth & steady thanks to the orchestrated teamwork behind the counter. Even when a newbie employee found the burrito with extra stuff a little too hard to roll, Jess came to the rescue with her 14+ years of experience at Chili Peppers to help her roll it up perfectly, while multitasking my order. 

While we sit down and start enjoying our food, the line has died down, and the owner Steve goes around to the six tables that are seated and makes sure everything is okay, and happily takes the time to explain the hotness levels of the sauces on the table. Three tables appear to be here on lunch break. Another table looks like friends using the free WiFi to show each other pictures. As I’m reading the Chili Peppers website I learn that “Chili Peppers is the preferred Burrito provider to local law enforcement and first responders - Fire & EMT”. I hear the police walkie talkie from the table behind me. I turn around and say to the Cleveland Police office “excuse me Mr. officer, but I’m writing an article about Chili Peppers for the Observers, and I see on their website that they’re the preferred Burrito provider, do you think that’s true?” He smiled and said “yes, definitely.”

As we pack up our leftovers, new tables sit down, and my Grandma Michele mentions how the additional seating they built next door is really coming in handy. I think back to my brother and I going there when they first opened, and how small it was, and now I look at the full room, and can’t imagine E.185th st without it.

The food is fresh, everything is delicious, and the service is outstanding. Chili peppers is located at 869 E. 185th St. They are open from 11 AM to 9:30 PM Monday through Saturday and from noon until 8 PM on Sunday. The Wi-Fi is free, iced tea is cold, and the sauces are hot. Chili peppers gets the Observers staff five-star seal of approval. Be sure to stop in soon and tell Steve the Observer sent you.

Volume 10, Issue 2, Posted 2:06 PM, 02.10.2018