Keys to the Streets

"Knowledge is Power" is the joy today, for our youth.  Everything around you is information.  Most parents wondered "why do the past 3 generations cling to their phones?" The cellphones today referred to as "Smartphones" are just that.  Connectivity to the whole world via the web.

The youth today are becoming addicted to more information.  Where there used to be barriers and obstructions, we now have unlimited access to, on our devices. Youtube is showing us how to, Google is the modern day encyclopedias and dictionaries, etc.  Youth today are learning information that parents once avoided the questions to.  Today, the youth are becoming smarter than their parents with access to unlimited information.  Don't get it twisted, respect for authority and the structure of the family is and always will be the foundation of success.  With both family and knowledge, our youth will rise to leadership.

The era of Hustlers is in.  Today is the optimum day of Entrepreneurship.  The family business.  Connecting the blessings of knowledge and family culture to manage and build wealth.  The ability to know "who" in your family structure has good vision.  The true visionary is the lifeline to the success of doing good business for generations to come.  Your team is your family, in other words, who you hustle with. That is the protection and the life.  With that being said, each person has to learn through experience, how to be a good team player?

In Collinwood, Cleveland Rise has organized with St Clair City, to help youth navigate their talents and find their teams to advocate building wealth for their families.  We have the "Keys to the Streets."  School PTO's and local Community Street Clubs are our targets for community engagement and conversations.

St Clair City is a grassroots organization co-founded by Candice Woodland.  Candice is known as Melan Azure, Radio Host, and Personality on Voice It Radio.  Melan Azure is a young adult who aged out of Foster Care.  She went to school for media broadcasting and does public speaking, raising awareness for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care.  She has reached out to Cleveland Entertainment Professionals and is hosting Artist Development Classes and workshops for youth interested in becoming paid professionals in the Music and Entertainment Industry.

We like to look at crime prevention as the first step towards more college and trade school participation oppose adding youth to the growing prison population in Ohio. Professional mentoring and guidance from leaders and productive people in our own communities.  Education is the core to giving youth and young adults the support and freedom permission to do their best.  We realized during our Y.O.U.T.H Opportunites Unlimited training we hosted in 2017

  How important it is that students are given the life-changing information that connects their education to practices, in business and life, promoting leadership.  The capacity to give support and development to improve persons who have natural talent, this education model is similar to the Neighborhood Leadership Development Program (NLDP) led by Mayor Micheal R WhIte, which helped Founder Ephraim Abdullah understand his leadership characteristics.

St Clair City and Cleveland Rise collaboration are looking for relationships with businesses, organizations, and youth in the Collinwood, East Cleveland, and Glenville area from age 12 up to 34 to connect leadership, workforce hustling, entrepreneurship opportunities. We help college graduates who have earned degrees understand clear options and professional considerations in business that put their degrees to proper use. We align students who haven't choose the college approach, to learn entrepreneurship through trades and family experiences, learn to sew, become a culinary cook, organize your hood to wealth, truck driving, landscaping, music, etc.  We have business consultants to assist in many directions, teaching youth about Young Professionals Organizations, to help engage Clevelanders. You can reach us by email or calling our office at 216-352-3938

Ephraim Abdullah


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Volume 10, Issue 3, Posted 11:04 AM, 03.10.2018