St. Jerome Students Develop Necessary Academic Skills

St. Jerome School continues to offer a program which tutors students in the academic areas of Reading and Math. Students  are recommended to this program based on their scores from the state’s standardized tests. 

Some parents find the cost of private tutors, tutoring centers, and tutoring software unaffordable. Our program offers the flexibility to sit down with your child on a regular basis to help them catch up with academic content. We provide students with opportunities not always available in all area schools.

Tutoring students involves more than skimming class assignments and writing correct answers to questions or equations. While we check the answers we also explain the rational behind obtaining  the correct answers.

Before tutoring  begins we consider each student’s current  knowledge in the academic area(s) that that may be struggling with. It's not that the subjects are too difficult—it’s that these skills build upon one another and can at times become challenging.

How do we commence? After revealing the student’s current knowledge, we establish learning goals.While it is important for students to fulfill their full potential, it is relevant to set realistic goals. We set individual goals because If goals too high, a student may begin to lose self-esteem.  Short-term goals work best as a starting point. Later goals are re-visited and modified to cater towards the student’s accomplishments.

Once initial goals are established the student’s academic plan starts to take action. As an educator, I prefer to view “tutoring time” is only for schooling. Concentrating on improving academic skills will help students to overcome learning obstacle. I remain persistent, attempting to set a good example and show how learning is vital.

Our tutoring program is useful because monitoring student’s learning allows student growth in academic areas.

Phillip Dank

I am a teacher at St. Jerome School in Cleveland.

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Volume 10, Issue 4, Posted 3:25 PM, 04.04.2018