Children’s Garden is Planted & Ready to Water at Memorial Nottingham Library!

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Scarecrow is Set to Protect the Herbs and Vegetables! Donated by Neighborhood Connections. Photo by Linda Zolten Wood

  • Painted Rain Barrel is filled by the library staff for easy access to water - We Need Your Help: Bring the Kids & Water!!

    Photo by Linda Zolten Wood

  • Freshly Painted sign directs families and volunteers to Water, Pick Veggies and CUT herbs (don't PULL or the roots get damaged)

    Sign & Photo by Linda Zolten Wood

  • Play the Operation: Vegetables! The Giant Board Game of Yummy Health! Any time the children's area is FREE: Reserve your spot for FREE with the Children's Librarian or the front desk.

    Photo by Linda Zolten Wood

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