Welcome Back St. Jerome

Eighth Grade teacher Mr. Daniels and eighth grade scholar Tyree.

Everyone at St. Jerome is excited to welcome the community back for a great year! This past week we have been introducing the expectations of our classrooms and policies. As well as that, we have received an opportunity to meet the new faculty and students with welcoming arms. As an Instructor, this week we have given students backgrounds on ourselves and in return having students tell us dreams that they would like to see come true as they approach the school year and the real world. As a class, students’ collaborated with leadership skills and communication skills during icebreaker activities. These activities have shown teachers a glimpse of how certain students react to high pressured situations and to show students the different perspectives of success.This past summer teachers were involved in a professional development dealing with diversity, cultural engagement and social equity led by Morris Ervin. Morris Ervin has years of experience in education and has been working with schools in California and Cleveland, Ohio.  There is one new addition to the classroom, primarily with the seventh and eighth grade class. That new addition is that every morning after prayer and at the beginning of class, students’ have been meditating. This Meditation consists of statements of affirmation and mantras, “I am” statements. This meditation is to build self awareness with students and to help them create the day and future that they want. Students will be able to use this tool on and off school grounds in any situation that they shall overcome. St. Jerome scholars are excited about the school year and looking forward to it unfolding in a positive way.

Davon Daniels

St. Jerome 8th grade teacher in Cleveland, Ohio. Lake Erie College Alumnus with Masters in Education, Bachelors of Criminal Justice, Double Minor in Psychology and Social Science.

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Volume 11, Issue 9, Posted 5:20 PM, 09.08.2019