Hunger Center Provides Thanksgiving Meals

Volunteers at the Hunger Center with Thanksgiving Chickens for the Community

The Hunger Center, operated primarily by St. John Nottingham, is a part of the Cleveland Hunger Network. It supplies 3-days’ worth of food - 3 meals per day - to qualified, registered individuals. This service is offered once every 30 days. Nearly 300 households, consisting of more than 700 adults and children, are eligible to be serviced through the Pantry.

During certain times of the year the Hunger Center provides special meals, such was the case for Thanksgiving this year. Volunteers from SJN and several other churches helped to load freezers with whole chickens and then pack Thanksgiving meals including mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. For Christmas this year, the Center will once again provide frozen chickens and for larger families, turkeys.

The Hunger Center is under the guidance of Dr. Walther Marcis of SJN and is administered by Mella Young. Funding of the Center is provided exclusively through donations which may be made directly by mail to SJN Church or though the SJN website under the “Giving” tab

David Peck

Associate Paastor of St. John Nottingham Lutheran Church

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Volume 11, Issue 12, Posted 6:21 PM, 12.02.2019