Improbable? Not!

IMPROBABLE PLAYERS (Left to right) Karen Snyder, Marcus Cothran, William Drake, Christina Strong, Joy Gadberry, and Mark Isler

Nine actors with the Cleveland chapter. Plays and workshops. Keegan Carty, Marcus Cothran, William Drake, Joy Gadberry, Mark Isler, Jenny Keaton, Christina Strong, Karen Snyder and Lindsey Webb, five of whom grew up in different parts of Ohio.
ImprobabIe Players, led by Ohio Regional Director Karen Snyder, have performed at schools, community centers, and treatment centers. They educate through theatre with their own personal experiences. This troupe (or family as some players called it) shares a common bond of sobriety.

Why they do it: Karen saw the need in Cleveland and began the Cleveland chapter in 2018. "Ohio is third in the nation of opioid overdose deaths and I knew that we needed this message of hope, " Karen stated. She also shared on how miserable drinking made her feel. Reaching out for help saved her life.

Joy, who lost her son to a heroine overdose, had this to say: "...we've reach so many people...700 students at a school...I have grandchildren ranging from ages 6 to 14...substance abuse disorder affects my whole family. I am literally in tears after every performance." Though Lisa grew up in a 'Recovery House' with parents who lived sober and loved her, she was introduced to drugs by the parent of a friend. She experienced life on the streets as an addict. "When the detective found me on the street he cried because I was gray and weighed 89 pounds." She stated. She normally weighed 148 pounds. "I don't ever want to live like that again. I never felt good enough...One of the root thinking," said Lisa.

"Marcus stated, "[I] give back a snippet of my story." They all hope to give back through their gift of acting to share a message of recovery, hope, and living sober. "There's something...real...when you see it in person...the emotion...questions start pouring [in during the question and answer period]," said Mark.
The Improbable Players share three things with their audiences: how everyone is affected, recognizing addiction, and learning how to help.

To contact them: Karen Snyder, Regional Director, Ohio, Phone: 216.714.3288; email:; mailing address: Improbable Players, P.O. Box 175, North Olmsted, OH 44070

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