A Call to Men

Pastor Will Robinson

Pastor Will Robinson: "I believe that God has called men to be the Head of the household. To be the foundation for the family. I pray that this coming year men would assume the position that God intended them [to have] and to be responsible for raising their children--and those that are married being good husbands--faithful men to their families and most importantly to Go! That 2020 be a year of clear---laser vision. That men will see God's will for their lives and see themselves as God sees them. That they will be faithful to His call."
"I pray for men everywhere: free, incarcerated, old, young, black, white, strong, weak..May God have a blessing for them and I believe He does... and may they receive Him...in...deed."
"I've seen men rededicate themselves to the Lord...lost...and found and reconnected to God and..to their families...Repent and renew your walk with Him. Turn from sin and turn to God."
To contact Pastor Will Robinson: Believer's Bible Church, American Legion Post 343, 20750 Arbor Ave, Euclid, OH 44123, Phone: (216) 285 - 0122, james122.org.
"You have to love yourself first. Love your Mom, Dad, siblings and try to do the rigbt thing. When you mess up take responsibility for it.
Fathers should tell their daughters what boys are about.
"I learned to take responsibility when I was real young. My mother raised me but she didn't baby me. When you do something wrong own up to it...accept the consequences of your actions...My Mom told me that if I acted up and got put in jail she would bring me cookies.
Be responsible. Try to stay on the right side of the law. Be disciplined. Learn to say , "No!". Once you learn how to respect yourself, you can learn how to respect others... Giving someone their space is a way of showing respect...if you love yourself your not gonna let somebody else mistreat you, abuse you."
Leaston Chase, Martial Arts Instructor

Lillian J. Anderson

Reader,writer,wife,mother of three children.

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Volume 12, Issue 1, Posted 5:13 PM, 01.12.2020