Got a reusable bag? Councilwoman Cheryl Stephens is happy to share

If you see Cheryl Stephens or members of “Team Cheryl” knocking on your neighbor’s door in the coming weeks, it is probably to deliver reusable bags. Thanks to an initiative from the County Solid Waste District, Stephens has committed to giving out sturdy reusable plastic tote bags to anyone in her district who makes a request via the link The colorful, eco-friendly bags, which are made of recycled plastic, are estimated to replace 700 disposable bags each and will be distributed as long as the supply lasts.

This home delivered bag campaign is an outreach of gratitude for all of the residents who called and emailed, voicing their support of the Cuyahoga County plastic bag ban that went into effect January 1 of this year. Stephens admits she understands the reservations expressed by both retailers and some residents but believes “we need to make decisions today to take care of the future” and hopes to work with grocers and retailers to support them while also finding other ways to make our community more sustainable. 

“This isn’t a test,” says Stephens. “It is a way to save our lake and to have less trash and debris on our streets and yards. We have seen that other communities and states have done this successfully. And now Cuyahoga county is a leader in Northeast Ohio.” 

Sustainability has always been a core issue for Stephens, who is up for re-election on the March 17 Democratic primary ballot, but she is probably best known for her life-long commitment to housing and economic development. As vice-chair of the County’s community development committee, she is currently working with County staff negotiating with banks to meet the needs of the communities they serve. This includes requirements for community reinvestment, loans to families in low to moderate-income census tracks, counseling for small businesses, and specialized loan pools for those businesses — all things which residents across the County have indicated are important to them.

Reflecting on the year since she first took office, Stephens is eager to continue serving Bratenahl, Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, East Cleveland, and University Heights. “When we start initiatives, they are not just for the core city, but also for first-ring suburbs,” such as the Closing the Achievement Gap initiative which helps ensure that at-risk youth have the academic, social, emotional support they need to graduate high school and succeed in higher education. Education and housing are two components of what Stephens sees as the basic American dream, which everyone should be able to work hard and achieve. 

“People who work hard should be able to have a good home and do a little something extra, whether it’s to put a little something extra in the plate at church on Sunday or buy some groceries for a friend in need. Everyone should be able to do that.” 


Team Cheryl Stephens is composed of supporters who believe in moving Cuyahoga County District 10 forward. We are from across economic classes, racial backgrounds, and neighborhoods of the district. We are hard-working taxpayers, community leaders, retirees, elected officials, college students, and everyone in between. We trust Cheryl L. Stephens, who has been fighting for us for over 20 years. We are #TeamCherylStephens

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Volume 12, Issue 2, Posted 5:31 PM, 02.05.2020