Celebrating Catholic Schools!

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  • Jaidon helps our Kindergarden students with thier Bingo cards.  Every one was a winner in this annual tradition.

  • Students squared off against teachers and staff in a bowling tournament.  4th grader,  Jayda, takes careful aim at the pins.

  • Second grade heroes TJ and Rick are here to save the day for their classmates!

  • Somto from 8th grade and Allison from from 7th grade were the top spellers in our Spelling Bee.  Somto will be going on to the County Spelling Bee!  Good Luck Somto!

  • Sisters Damauri and Damiyah dressed as twins for "Twins Day"  

  • Remember how much you liked "Dress Down" days?  On "Wacky Wednesday" students were encouraged to flaunt the dress code with mismatched socks, shoes, and "wacky" outfits.  Kindergardeners Kaila and Jayvon show off their "wacky" best!

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