Creating a Positive Learning Environment for your Child at Home

An appreciation for learning begins at home. One idea which may encourage success is by creating an environment in your home conducive to learning. Creating a quiet, well-supplied area for your child to study may help him or her make better use of time spent doing class assignments.

Take Inventory

What kind of materials will be necessary for the sessions? Some teachers may want their students to be able to learn how to use online sources like online dictionaries, thesauri, and encyclopedias. Ask your child’s teacher what they will need besides computers or electrical devices. Some class assignments may not require any type of Internet access, however other supplies may be necessary. For instance, scratch paper may be needed if your child is completing math equations. Also, try to have most common school supplies available. Supplies such as pencils, erasers and plenty of lined notebook paper. Ask the classroom teacher about specific assignments to see if they will need art supplies or other materials. There could be helpful when the assignment asks for students to produce a poster or other creative project.

Set the Right Mood

Atmosphere can be just as important as the proper supplies, making the student feel comfortable and productive. Try not to have your child near a TV or video game area. You want to eliminate as many distractions as possible so your child can focus on learning. Other suggestions for creating atmosphere include making sure that the area is well lit and has enough room for the student’s supplies. They should be able to spread out their materials without feeling cramped.

Brain Food

Frequent break times with a drink or a snack may be helpful. Many students can become uninterested if they are concentrating on the rumbling in their stomachs instead of their assignments. Generally, try to make sure these snacks are finger foods that aren't too messy. For instance, you could provide fresh vegetables and a dip. It is a good idea to avoid sugary or other unhealthy snacks. The snacks should not be a distraction.

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