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Dear Friends:

This summer looks to be a very busy one for various projects and initiatives in the community.

Work has begun in earnest on the Euclid Creek Tunnel Project and also the rebuilding of portions of Lakeshore Boulevard from East 140 Street to East 185th Street. With this project there will continue to be traffic restrictions due to its size and scope which include the construction of new sewers, junction boxes, and the relocation of utilities and assorted other improvements. This will also include the repaving of Lakeshore Boulevard to address road surface issues. All this is meant to address not only the pollution problems in Euclid Creek and Lake Erie but also to address ongoing basement flooding problems. The scope of this project will also affect St. Clair Avenue sometime next year. 

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Volume 4, Issue 6, Posted 9:09 PM, 06.08.2012

ODOT agrees to replace I-90 noise walls

I am pleased to announce that after a great deal of discussions and negotiations the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has agreed to replace the deteriorated and failing existing I-90 noise walls between East 140th Street and East 185th Street, both north and south sides. This is great news for the community and I wish to personally thank ODOT District 12 Deputy Director, Mr. Myron Pakush, for his commitment to our community. He saw firsthand how bad the existing walls have become and agreed that they needed to be replaced. The project is set to go out to bid in June with construction to begin later this year with completion scheduled for late summer 2013. This is another example of the fact that when we as a community join together we can and will make a difference whether it be local or dealing with the State.

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Volume 4, Issue 5, Posted 1:27 PM, 05.03.2012

From Councilman Polensek:

As of this writing, City Council has heard nothing back from the Administration as it pertains to the ongoing issue of suburban residents using the new Collinwood Recreation Center at no cost. I was absolutely amazed by the feedback I received in support of my Resolution in City Council recommending that there be a fee structure put in place for admission at the new facility by suburban residents or a reciprocation agreement with each surrounding suburb, thereby, permitting Cleveland residents and their children to use their facilities and complexes. There is no doubt that this issue has hit upon a very sore subject with our residents who have had no recreation facility to call their own for so long and were denied access to other suburban facilities unless they paid often exorbitant fees. Please stay tuned for future updates on this pressing matter.

I am sure that everyone has noticed that the much needed Euclid Creek Tunnel Project is well under way at this time. Please watch and drive with caution as you drive past or through each of the construction work zones. We all know there will be times when there will be lane closures on Lakeshore Boulevard along with St Clair Avenue, and as with any major construction project there will be inconveniences. However, this project is vital to the long term economic development of our area, and more importantly the environmental protection of our creek and lakefront.

You might have read lately that there is an effort underway on the Federal level to secure funding to expand the demolition of abandoned and foreclosed properties. If there is an abandoned house next door to you or on your street please contact the City’s Building & Housing Hotline at (216) 664-2207 and report the property. Make sure you have a correct address. There should be no home or structure unsecured in our ward without the proper city department being notified. The hotline number is designed for residents to be proactive on behalf of the community. If we all do our part – the City will have a better inventory as to what is abandoned and what needs to be inspected, secured and possibly razed. 

Finally, Spring is already here and Summer is not far off. Please help improve the look of our neighborhood. Start with your own yard. Take the initiative to clean up and remove wintertime debris. Remember, a street or a neighborhood is only as good as the people who live there. Be a responsible and caring neighbor in our community.

You may reach me at my office by calling (216) 664-4236.  If we miss your call, leave a message and make sure you leave your name and a phone number so that I can get back with you. Feel free to email me as well at


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Volume 4, Issue 3, Posted 12:45 PM, 04.03.2012


Ward 11 has many schools, many different opportunities for an education of our children in the community. Our goal is always to try to keep them safe.  One way to do this is by providing schol guards at the busy intersections to help our students move to and from their school environment. 

We have several positions now open in the community where a School Guard would be quite beneficial.  If you are interested in helping to fill these posts please feel free to contact the Councilman's office at (216) 664-4236. If you are a reliable, on- time and responsible adult who can work well with children, mobile enough to be able to cross the students at busy intersections, and can act as the community eyes and ears for any additional needs of these students, then you may qualify to become a School Guard in the Ward 11 community. We also prefer that you are a resident of the Ward.

School Guards are paid employees of the City of Cleveland and eligible for health insurance. Prosepctive guards are asked to call the Councilman's office so that we can begin the process of getting you tested and trained to get out to yourt post as soon as possible, especially since school has already begun. 

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 3:46 PM, 09.15.2011

Letter from Councilman Polensek

As you can see, the $198 Million Euclid Creek Tunnel Project has begun in earnest in the Ward 11 community.  There are several sites in the neighborhood where construction is already underway; those being on the north side of Lakeshore Boulevard at the Easterly Waste Water Treatment Plant at East 140th, Triangle Park at East 174th Street and Lakeshore Boulevard and soon to be the northwest corner of Nottingham Road and St. Clair Avenue. One future construction site will be at the northern end of East 156 Street in Beulah Park.

 At each of these sites a vertical shaft will be drilled to a depth of approximately 200’ for ventilation and equipment access for the underground tunnel which will link the storm sewers in the neighborhood from St Clair Avenue underground to the staging site in the Village of Bratenahl, south of I-90. You can see this massive site as you are driving the East Shoreway, east bound just past Eddy Road and before the Lakeshore Boulevard exit. This is the main construction site where the tunnel boring machine will be assembled and eventually begin to carve out the immense 18,000 foot long / 24 foot diameter underground tunnel, which is intended to capture and hold 50 million gallons of heavily polluted and combined storm and waste water, referred to as Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO’s), which will be treated and then released at the Easterly Waste Water Treatment Plant.



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Volume 3, Issue 6, Posted 5:31 PM, 08.08.2011