Making progress towards success

Hello, my name is Donald Holcombe and I always have been proud of my community, I feel as if it is my duty to be the voice of the youth in our neighborhood. When someone asks me where I am from, I graciously hold my head high and say, “The Lakeshore area.” When everyone says our community needs change, I have this saying, “our community doesn’t need change it just needs to be revised.” I never wanted to be a hero in my community because to me heroes save the world, me, I just want to save one helpless child at a time, and then the world would transform. It has been my effort to make children who are non-believers believe and those who are non-achievers achieve.
  I always have had faith in the youth of my community. So when politicians make their entire campaign around the youth, that’s when I have to draw the line, that’s when enough is enough. I hate when political figures use the youth especially in my community for political benefits. Sure our neighborhood has a few bad apples, but my mother always told me, “When you have a bad apple, you don’t throw it out. You cut the bad part off and continue to make apple pie,” and I have always believed that.
  So I have to say this, we may not be able to create a perfect community, but we could create a premier community. It has been said that youth crimes in our community have increased 5%. If that is true, wouldn’t one think that if we increase youth activities by 6% that would take away at least 5% of crimes? We have to implement programs that work for the youth and not what we think would work for the youth.
  I am doing my part by starting a garden in my neighborhood. I hope to make it a Market Garden so I can put the youth in my neighborhood to work gardening. The youth would be able to sell their produce and make money from it. I am also trying to start a Youth Block Club in the E.156th St. area. If you know any youths who would like to join this block club, please call Denis Lorek, the Community Organizer at Northeast Shores, for more information 216-481-7660. If you would like to see my video on youtube about the Corsica Garden 2 please follow this link I am Donald Holcombe, and I would like for you to join my effort in making progress towards success.

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Volume 1, Issue 4, Posted 10:47 PM, 11.04.2009