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Jimmie F Booze, Exec. Pastor
In the wake of the Imperial Street horrific tragedy, we have been given a wakeup call! A call to a tremendous disconnect on so many different levels; from a breakdown of law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate reports of missing persons, to a breakdown and disconnect of family and community support systems. While many seek to assign blame in this matter, the truth is that there is enough of it to go around. To think that we are going to rid our society of the evil that exists in the world is unrealistic at best. What I believe we can do, is do the best we can to protect ourselves from it.

In the scriptures, Jesus prayed a prayer that his followers would not be removed from the world, but that they would be kept (protected) from the evil that is in the world. Also, the Apostle Paul informed the church at Ephesus, that the strength of the church would come from “what every joint supplied”.  In other words the unity in the community that allows what is best in all of us; to reach the porches of each of us; will help to strengthen and protect all of us from the underbelly of society that seeks to steal, kill and destroy us all.

How do we know if the same spirit isn’t already among us? Are there any of our loved ones missing that have not been reported to the authorities? Could there be evil lurking within one of the many boarded up and/or abandoned properties on our streets? These and many more questions should come to our attention. I am aware that this is not a pleasant thing for us to think about, but consider this, it has been reported that the alleged perpetrator of these horrible crimes on Imperial Street told one of his victims that “I can kill you and no one will miss you, because nobody cares”.  Let us work together so that this statement will not be true of us. Let’s show one another that we care.

The time has come, even well past time, that we “take our heads out of the sand” and realize that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.  I invite the elected officials, law enforcement, health and housing representatives; and the citizens of the Collinwood community of both Wards 10 and 11 to join me at New Birth Ministries, located at 14911 Westropp Ave., for a “Unity in the Community” meeting on December 4, 2009 at 7 p.m.

Please RSVP your attendance by either calling 216-486-3799 or emailing me at: jfbooze@sbcglobal.net.

Behold how good and pleasant is for brethren to dwell together in unity. PS. 133:1

Be Blessed.

Jimmie F. Booze is the Executive Pastor at New Birth Ministries, Inc.

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