Proud to be a "Sims Raider"

Recently the Plain Dealer ran an article(October 17th & 18th) “BIG MAN ON CAMPUS” on two outstanding athletes from The Sims Raiders Football Team – these two young men have some outstanding goals and opportunities ahead of them along with other team members of The Raiders and the Raiderettes (cheerleaders) who, in this author's opinion, are the best in their league. The author is partial to this article due to being a Sims fan and grandparent.

These kids work long and hard from mid-summer to fall and practice four to five days a week, three hours a night, to ensure that all our teams reach their goals. Whether on the fields, life, home or school they give it their best. As a grandparent of a Sims Raider Midget, I am proud to come to every Sunday game held either at Collinwood High School stadium or away games to show my support. Reading about these kids brought me joy in seeing how serious they are but also having fun doing something they like, sports, and keeping it in our communities. Their coaches, who work hard all day and train hard during the evening, are the best bunch of people around; they care and love these kids, instilling confidence and pride in themselves as well as in their communities and homes.

Our communities of Collinwood/Nottingham should show them our support and cheer them on to victory, success and a bright future, no matter what they do, or dream of becoming, as adults.  

This proud grandparent also wants Our Communities to know how PROUD we are by congratulating them for a wonderful season and to say what a fantastic job they did this season, not only the Sims Raiders but all the teams in the Muny league this year.

Congratulations go out to THE SIMS RAIDERS MIDGET GOLD TEAM for winning The 2009 CHAMPIONSHIP. All our Raiders did a great job this season. I know as a grandparent of a Sims Raider I am proud of all of these fine boys and girls, as are their families. As a family we grow as a unit, that in turn, grows as a community, to stand tall, strong and proud.

We invite all community neighbors, businesses and community officials and Past SIMS RAIDERS to visit us at our games next season at Collinwood High Stadium or at a named location by going to for information, schedules and scores. The PRIDE, EXCITEMENT and FUN these kids and families have are outstanding– this article was written to inform our communities of events happening in and around our area.

Businesses and residents are encouraged to participate in sponsorships or donations so that our children/grandchildren can continue enjoying what they do: having fun. Your help or support can make a better future for all.

You can find out about other activities and sports available in our communities by contacting your community organizations.

Our future begins at home in the Collinwood/Nottingham Communities. HELP US HELP OUR CHILDREN & THEIR FUTURE!!!

You can check out pictures of our teams at

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Volume 1, Issue 6, Posted 10:02 AM, 12.10.2009