Support for Issue 3

I am quite certain that by now you are as tired of the commercials for and against Issue 3 as I am. I support this issue because I believe a casino downtown would be an asset for our city. Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, has said that he would not build a hotel as part of his casino, as the other downtown hotels are against that. Many people have commented to me that a casino without a hotel would mean that people from out of town who are staying overnight would have to leave the casino to get a hotel room. This of course would mean revenue for the hotels. Also, because people would not be staying at a casino hotel they would have the opportunity to see the other downtown businesses. I realize that people against the casino have made claims that area businesses would be forced out of business, but that isn't necessarily true. The Q, Progressive Field, and Browns Stadium all have various locations for fans to purchase food and beverages. However, numerous fans patronize area businesses before or after the game. Many cities build a casino in a neighborhood isolated from other businesses, this would not be the case downtown.

I know that another argument against the casino is that people who gamble will stop supporting the arts or pro sports, or maybe just stop paying their bills. I can assure you that I know numerous people and couples who travel, in some cases, several times a year to casinos as far away as Las Vegas. All of those people own their homes, have savings accounts, support charities, the arts, and sports. The majority of them attend church every weekend and send their children to parochial school. These people are also middle class, not wealthy. You're probably curious how much I gamble. I am middle aged and have been to two casinos, once each, in my life. I have never attended a Casino Night or Night at the Races. If I were to purchase an instant Bingo, I would need to ask another person if I had won anything. Also, I have only played Bingo once thirty years ago.

The bottom line is these casinos will generate jobs for Ohioans and keep revenue in our state which is badly needed. If I haven't convinced you to vote for this issue, than I respect your choice to disagree with me. I do however appreciate the fact that you have read this article.
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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 5:06 PM, 10.17.2009