The Collinwood Observer

As a resident of Collinwood, I want to offer my comments and opinions about The Collinwood Observer, which I have been reading since its debut issue in September.  I believe every neighborhood needs a local paper. And since The Sun Press is no longer published in this area, our residents have needed a community newspaper for quite awhile. The Collinwood Observer impresses me a lot, because it's different than other newspapers, since it "is entirely written by the community."  This gives everyone a chance to get involved, and offer their ideas and opinions, and learn about upcoming events in our neighborhood.  

When we were teenagers, my sister used to deliver "The Scoop Journal" every Thursday, and she got to knew all her subscribers. Now, through the Observer, I think readers will get to know their neighbors and community, on a much larger scale, which I believe will foster a greater sense of community awareness, and pride in our neighborhood.

It has been great to read and learn about our many local events and interests, including the Coit Road Farmers Market, Euclid Beach, the new community recreation center, East Clark School (which was my elementary school), recycling, and everything in between! And I look forward to reading "The Grandmothers" parenting advice column. The possibilities are endless!  It is especially nice that students can write about their local school news events!  I also appreciated the insightful information in the "Forums" explaining Issues 2 through 6.  I am sure it was very helpful to  everyone.    

The Collinwood Observer is printed on lovely paper, and I enjoy reading it. It is a great asset to our community! Thank you for publishing it!

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Volume 1, Issue 4, Posted 11:15 PM, 10.27.2009