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Today with so many large churches closing their doors, it is amazing that this small independent church remains open. It is not just another Christian church, it has a rich history dedicated to the principals of Spiritualism and Christianity. The Sunflower New Thought Spiritualist Association was founded in 1917 at 19001 Pawnee. The church itself was built in 1927 at 19204 Pawnee and called The Sunflower New Thought Spiritualist Association Church as a memorial to the students lost in the Collinwood Fire of 1908. The parents of Emma Baldwin were Spiritualists, who with their extended family lived on Pawnee and dedicated the land to build a Spiritualist church to honor those lost in the fire. The main directive of the church was to provide a place to promote new thought principles, religious observance, and charity.

The name was changed in 1960 to Memorial Spiritual Christian Church (MSCC) to capture the lasting dedication to the lives lost in the Collinwood fire. The church is operating today with the same fundamental beliefs as the founders intended. We promote new thought by providing a place to promote spiritual awareness shared by speakers during Sunday service. The most fundamental part of a spiritual service, a ‘sermon’ or talk, is intended to share the personal ideals of an individual speaker, ranging from traditional Christian beliefs and the life of Jesus to karma and Native American concepts, or just the path one took to find their way to MSCC. Each Sunday service the congregation sings songs, reads scripture from the Bible, and provides messages of Spirit. We also work with charitable groups to provide for those in need and continue to honor the original principles of the church.

In the past year, we have had Christmas parties with Santa and his Elf, game nights, a presentation by author Robert Schwartz on “Your Soul’s Plan” with Medium Rev Andrea Zwegat, Christmas in July with the Euclid Beach Rocket Ship, the ordination of John Hill and a class to introduce more people to the fundamentals of mediumship taught by Pastor Reverend Karen Hill. 

In the coming year, we plan to have two more ordinations to provide more ministers to help with our growing membership. There will be A Course in Miracles, Reverend Karen’s class on Spiritualism, and meditation circles to bring people closer to spirit. Other projects may include a channeling of the Ascended Masters by Rev Andrea and a coffeehouse with music and messages. 

MSCC Sunday Service is at 5:00 PM, with a potluck the first Sunday of each month. The first, third, and fifth Wednesday of every month, we have a Message Service from 7:30 PM till 9:00 to share messages from Spirit. A $5 donation for the church is requested.  Check our website at for current events and additional information, or call 440-897-1021

Hope to see you soon at:

Memorial Spiritual Christian Church

9204 Pawnee Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44119

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