How Kindergarteners remember St. Mary's Mr. Pla

Our kindergartners began praying for Mr. Pla ever since he went into the hospital in late October. Although they are young children, they firmly believe in the power of prayer. They prayed for improvements in his health, for the comfort of his family and that he would soon be able to return to school. Some of the children even prayed for things only a kindergartner would think of: they prayed that he would not get bitten by a scorpion in the forest and that they would point arrows for him to get away from the monsters.

Unfortunately, Mr. Pla never did return to school, but that has not stopped our kindergarten from praying.

This is how our kindergartners either remember Mr. Pla, or how they continue to stay in prayer:

Anthony C.: "I hope you feel better and never be sick. Every time I pray for you I pray for God too. I love you, Principal."

Jai'la: "He was a good principal and I wish he never died. I feel bad for him for dying. I bet God would be happy to see Mr. Pla."

Saje: "I pray for Mr. Pla and I miss him. I hope he comes back safely. God will protect him and his heart and he won't be sick anymore. You will come down if God lets you."

Bryant: remembers "hugging him and playing games with him."

Keonshae: "He had been a great teacher and told us how to learn."

Jeffrey: "I love Jesus and God. I love you Mr. Pla."  (Confusing Mr. Pla with Jesus) "He died on the cross and he'll come back and feel better."

Kamren: "I love God and Jesus and God is taking care of Mr. Pla."

Yolanda: "I pray for Mr. Pla because I miss him. He was a nice principal."

Dai"Shauna: "I miss you Mr. Pla and thought you were going to get better."

 Anthony R.: "I did not want him to get sick, that's why I prayed for him."

Adam: "He used to help my sister."

A'lona: "He is in Heaven."

Despite only knowing Mr. Pla for a short period in their young lives, he touched their hearts in a special way and this is how he will be remembered. Thank you Mr. Pla for the sacrifices you made for St. Mary's children, teachers, families and the Collinwood community. Continued prayer goes out to Mr. Pla's parents, brother and sisters, his extended family and friends for their comfort and peace through this difficult time.

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Volume 2, Issue 2, Posted 11:35 AM, 02.13.2010