Aspinwall Church of God Christmas in October Liberia -2010

Flag of Liberia

Liberia, West Africa is the destination of the Aspinwall Church of God, Christmas in October 2010 barrel project. This is the 4th time that Liberia has received aid from the Mountain Assembly Church of God. Over the last 30 years Aspinwall Church of God, as a mission of mercy has sent barrels containing rice, beans, pasta, clothing, medical supplies, bicycles, wheelchairs, crutches, over the counter medications and household items to Liberia, Zimbabwe, Dominican Republic, Haiti, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, India and many others. The Church of God Mountain Assembly has over fifty churches and a children's home there.

Liberia was established in 1847 by America on coastal Africa. This movement was perceived as a viable alternative to eliminating slavery on the continental United States. Freed slaves as well as others returned to Africa and named the country to reflect their liberty. The government was structured to resemble the American government. The Liberian red, white, and blue flag bears a strong resemblance to the American flag. Rubber was Liberia’s major export as well as gold and diamonds. However, the demand for rubber has declined considerably.

Liberia has experienced constant civil wars from 1989 to 2004. Poverty is rampant. The average Liberian lives on $1.25 a day. In 2005 Liberia elected the only female president on the continent of Africa.

On October 26th of this year a 40 foot container which holds 260 fifty-five gallon barrels will leave this Collinwood neighborhood on its way to Liberia. If there are any questions or donations please call Pastor James Walden @ 268-0879.

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