From the Publisher

The  writers of the Collinwood neighborhood have amazed us again. We were overwhelmed with excellent articles for the March issue. If your story did not make this issue we apologize; it will be in the next paper, or online. I would like to thank Betsy Voinovich and our layout magician, Meredith Pangrace for fitting five pounds of stories into our three pound paper. If you have not written your story yet, join us. We want to hear from you.

Anonymous stories sent to our P.O. Box will not be published. Part of the mission of the community-written Collinwood Observer is to claim your own words, thoughts and opinions and share them with your neighbors. Please stand by what you have written and sign your real name.

Our next writers meeting will take place at the Collinwood Memorial library at 856 East 152nd street, Thursday March 18th at 6:45 PM. All are invited to attend this fun-filled get-together. Come if you want to write, take pictures, submit drawings, or you just want to find out more.

Until then, identify what you are passionate about and write. We look forward to seeing YOUR submission in the next issue.

To submit a story to the Collinwood Observer, go to, click on Member Center, sign in, click on Submit Story, and start writing. The deadline for the April issue, is Friday, April 2, at 5 PM.

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Volume 2, Issue 3, Posted 7:48 PM, 03.09.2010