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Another year has passed and GOOD NEWS abounds! Two litters of kittens where born in the Euclid Beach Mobile Home Park this spring, which is the home for over a 100 healthy, spayed/ neutered cats.  Two pregnant mommas where abandoned and we are caring for both mommas and their 7 precious kittens. Our round the clock care includes nutritious food, veterinary care, lots of cuddles and love….and endless litter box duty.

This year we celebrate Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project’s 5th year in action.  Over 1,500 cats/kittens have been TNR/rescued in the North and South Collinwood neighborhoods.  Our target area includes the historic Euclid Beach, Wildwood Marina, Euclid Beach Mobile Home Park, Euclid Beach Pier and the Euclid Beach Villa Apartments.  We work tirelessly rescuing abandoned, abused, and the pregnant, who will continue to breed unless we do our important work.  These unfortunate, beautiful animals would be doomed to a life of neglect, sickness, unbearable hardship, starvation, predators and never knowing the feeling of a loving hand to pet them.

2014 has been a very productive and we have had a busy seven months!

Friends of Animals has donated an additional 100 certificates to spay / neuter 100 cats in the North & South Collinwood neighborhoods.  This is wonderful news! By the end of 2014 EBFCP will have spayed/neutered   280 cats through our partnership with Pet Fix.

During the month of June, a few  eager volunteers, helped resurface the Kitty Kottage roof with a      rubber/cement sealant to prevent further damage from leaking inside our cozy little cottage.

Brian opened up a 2nd room in the Kitty Kottage, so we can care for additional, orphaned kittens, and abandoned, injured cats. The second room will also serve as our pre- and post-op care for the cats      that are participating in the TNR program.

 Cleveland Metro parks has kept their verbal agreement. As it stands, we can continue to care for the historic Euclid Beach lakefront cats whose ancestors have lived on the beach for over 4 decades.  Now the three colonies have shrunk (through nutrition and old age) to only 15 healthy seniors with the youngest being 7 years old.

 In collaboration with the Waterloo Alley Cat Project, the EBFCP  will present an educational outreach with a multimedia workshop for  the neighborhood community titled "TEN LIVES a Feral Cats Odyssey”.

 Last, but certainly not the least: because of your generosity, we share our love by helping families keep their pets. Through our community outreach program we are able to continue the TNR project, and offer bags of healthy, nutritious cat food-free of charge!

There are no feral cat sanctuaries around town.  Education and outreach are crucial to helping people understand the impacts of abandonment.  Over -population is a constant challenge and we work non-stop to keep the colonies under control. As part of our trap, neuter, and return program, we work with the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL) to find loving forever homes for cats and kittens sufficiently friendly to become household companions, rather than returning to an environment where they lack the skills to thrive-or even survive-and may become victims of abuse.

"Saving just one cat won’t change the world…but surely it will change the world for that one cat.”

How Does the EBFCP continue to do its important work?

 Your continued financial support of our work makes it possible! The cost of daily feeding and providing shelter and medical care is enormous. Every one of your dollars goes to the welfare of the cats. No donation is too small; each one is an expression of your care, and is deeply appreciated.

As an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization that receives no city or county funding, our work depends entirely on the generous and compassionate support of people like you. Our gratitude to the more than 225 individuals who support our efforts is truly heartfelt!

Together, we can improve our Collinwood neighborhoods by helping our animals, our seniors, and each other. Each one of you is making that happen! Your caring is a powerful symbol of love, respect, and mercy. We thank you!

We thank you, and the kitties’ thank you, for putting compassion into action!


How can I learn more and help the EBFCP?

Visit the Project’s web site to view family photos and learn more about the work of the Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project. & Waterloo Alley Cat Project

Please make a tax-deductible donation to Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project, and mail to: Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project, P.O. Box 19203, Cleveland, OH 44119.  EBFCP has been approved by the IRS for 501(c) (3) charitable non-profit status as of 1.03.2014.  Or Pay Pal for your convenience at

Ginger Hannah

  • Co-founder of the Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project
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