Are You Looking for Faith in 2015?

Hope this finds you all well, after all the hustle & bustle of this past holiday season!

Churches all over this Collinwood neighborhood of ours, celebrated Christmas in so many unique ways. Hopefully, we met you somewhere. (Trees, lights, angels - and kids; how could we not enjoy? How did you set up for Santa, if you were lucky enough to have kids available to show you how?)

If you're in search of a congregation, you're invited, in this 2015, to visit and explore all our many faiths here in the community. Looking for a new path for yourself, or thinking about coming back to an old faith, somewhere in the neighborhood may well be a congregation that fits. (If you look back at our list of congregations last issue, you may have been surprised at just how varied we are.) Try something, and see where it leads you - you may be surprised! If you're looking for a church, do visit our neighborhood churches, watch here for news of what everyone's doing, and be part of "Faith in Collinwood".

Talking about neighborhood congregations, are you part of CAPA? All faith organizations here in the Collinwood community, should consider joining our Collinwood Area Pastoral Association (CAPA). By pooling our resources, we hope to make us all stronger - and by supporting each other, build faith in Collinwood. CAPA shows promise of becoming a wonderful benefit and support to not just each other's congregations, but to our Collinwood community as well. (Those of you who have come to one of our meetings, know how lively they are. If you haven't come - we've missed you, and want to see you there.)

Our recent December 11th meeting (thanks to the Cleveland Food Bank for the meeting space) was a lively group, with everyone excited about being able to work together for positive change. By our spring meeting (date and place not set yet - so do make sure you're on our contact list, so we can let you know), we will have plans in place to begin with.

If you haven't been to a meeting, we invite you to join us. Just contact Mary Louise Daley at Councilman Polensek's office ((216) 664-4236 or via email at and let us know how to reach you. (Also - if you've already been to a meeting, appreciate it if you'd also contact Mary Louise, just to verify your contact info as well. Just to be sure we can contact you! Thanks!)

Now about this column. Here's your chance to introduce yourself to your neighbors! Tell your neighbors about yourself - your history, what you're doing - and your faith. Who are you? Is there news about your congregation? Are you celebrating something special? Let fellow Collinwood neighbors know you're here!

Until then, we can all work for peace. Peace within ourselves, peace with our neighbors; it has to start with all of us. Not just at Christmas, but everyday, in every - even small - way we can.

And enjoy!

Rev Elva Brodnick

Elva Brodnick

Just moved to Collinwood! (July 2012) And loving it!

Always interested in promoting Collinwood! Euclid Beach Park, history in general. A regular contributor to the Collinwood Observer. Memberships: - Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society (Secretary). Northeast Shores Development Corp, and Memorial Spiritual Christian Church.  Have also worked on both the Euclid Beach Pier Committee and the Collinwood School Fire Centennial Commemoration Committee, was chair of the Euclid Beach Carrousel Committee – and have always been involved in neighborhood “projects”.

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Volume 7, Issue 1, Posted 2:29 PM, 01.26.2015