Summer 2015

Summer is finally here and with it comes a whole host of neighborhood events. Starting June 12 through August 21st we will have the Friday night concerts at Euclid Beach MetroPark from 5:30 – 8:30 PM.  My heartfelt thanks to MetroParks for partnering with us and sponsoring this summer concert series. Last year we had great attendance and a lot of fun!  Put these concerts on your calendar. I look forward to seeing everyone on our beautiful lakefront this summer. For additional Summer Events look at the Collinwood Observer as well as refer to your very own copy of the “Scoop on Summer” which is now available (see

Our many thanks to MetroParks for the ongoing improvements to Euclid Beach, Villa Angela Beach and Wildwood Park. The new pedestrian bridge over Euclid Creek is nearly complete and what a great addition to the park.  I hope you can all see now why I lobbied so heavily over the past several years for MetroParks to take ownership of these vital parks in our community. More improvements are being planned for the near future.  My personal dream is to see these parks become an true destination place for our greater community.  Stay tuned for updates and more information regarding the Euclid Creek Reservation along the lakefront.

Speaking of wonderful events.  The Waterloo Arts Festival is scheduled for Saturday, June 27 along Waterloo Road between East 156 Street and East 161 Street.  This is a true family event with music, art and great food. This is a must attend event. It showcases not only the historic Waterloo Road but the growing arts community in our ward.

With summer comes the annual issue of neighborhood appearance. If there is a property on your street, occupied or vacant, with high grass etc. please call the Mayor’s Action Line at (216) 664-2900 and the Health Dept. at (216) 664-2300.  Once again, with regard to abandoned, occupied, unmaintained structures and vacant homes please call the Building & Housing Hotline at (216) 664-2007.

Lakeshore Boulevard Relief Sewer Project is in the homestretch and work has begun on the former Triangle Park at East 174th Street and Lakeshore Boulevard, soon to be known as “Veteran’s Park.” The Northeast Regional Sewer District will be going out for bids shortly for the complete restoration of the park which will include a Veterans Monument, a rehabbed gazebo, a new Peace Tree, a new LED community sign, new trees planted and the construction of a rain garden.

In 2015 it has become more clear to me than ever that our neighborhood groups and organizations must take a more activist role in the neighborhood. Many neighborhood individuals and groups are concerned with issues on their own streets but fail to see the big picture. We need to let the City’s Administration know about our concerns and frustrations specifically with regard to Public Safety, Building & Housing or Public Works issues. Very seldom do I ever see or receive a copy of any correspondence directed to the Mayor or his key Directors with regard to “quality of life” issues. You get the neighborhood you deserve; if the clubs and community organizations do not stand up – then what do you expect to change? Please, let us make 2015 the year of Ward 8 activism. Stand up and be counted.

Please continue to turn in any pothole or road repair issues to (216) 664-2510 or to the Mayor’s Action Line at (216) 664-2900.  I want to make sure that all road hazards in our community are reported.

HAVE A GREAT SUMMER and I look forward to seeing you at all of our community event

John Copic

Resident of neighborhood since 1956. Worked on East 185th street since 1970.

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