4H Club: The Life of the Amazing Bloomers!

The 4H Club, The Life of the Amazing Bloomers, is made up of kids living the Collinwood Neighborhood. The students plan to grow, produce, and sell products as a part of the Siggy’s Village located at 15416 Saranac Rd, which is opening in June 2016.  They’ve decided to use the abbreviation, GPS to promote their group. “We are driving the community forward”, one of the members said while we all sat together and discussed plans and a timeline.

The Life of the Amazing Bloomers club will be building garden beds to plant tomatoes, strawberries, and garbanzo beans. They’ll use these to make pasta sauce, strawberry jam, and hummus. The garden is located at 794 East 154th St. After they have packaged these products, they will sell them at the Siggy’s Urban Market. They are going to take donations of flip flops, dog food, and eye glasses vouchers for members of the Collinwood community. People can drop off donations of dog food and flip flops to The Collinwood Neighborhood Catholic Ministries at 15706 St. Clair Ave Monday through Friday, 10am-2pm.

For donations for children’s prescription eyeglasses, checks can be written to Collinwood Neighborhood Catholic Ministries, ATTN: Sister Mary Ellen Brinovec.

For children between the ages of 14 and 18 who are interested in joining the 4H club, please contact Danielle at 216-282-4852.

Danielle Dronet

Danielle Dronet: Center for Advanced Mental Health Practice and Foundation, Siggy's Village

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Volume 8, Issue 7, Posted 12:36 PM, 07.10.2016