Operation: Vegetables! Giant Board Game of Yummy Health

Families picked rainbow chard and basil from the new Children’s Vegetable Garden Box painted by Ballot Box Grantee, Linda Zolten Wood, with many of the kids’ veggie superheroes. The box will have basil available for another few weeks: come by and pick some for your pizza or salad! 

About 60 people attended, from regular library attendees, staff and grant supporters; the neighborhood turned out to play! 20 children turned into teams to play throughout the afternoon: 4 games were played in about 2 hours (averaging 30 minutes each) in the dappled shade next to the garden. 

6 Player pennant vests were created in bright colors by Waterloo merchant Dru Christine Fabric and Design, 6 more are ready for the next game release at Grovewood Salvation Army’s Grand Opening in November, for permanent play. 

A beautifully painted Splice Cream Truck was in the parking lot under the trees, helmed by Ballot Box Grantee, Ben Smith, recording Collinwood Family Histories were and will be mixed and posted on his website, and possibly pressed as vinyl records.

Live acoustic guitar spiraled in the shade by Linda’s husband, Doug Wood, of Cellocentric. Ballot Box Grantee, Photographer Stephen Bivens captured the event and hands-on veggie crafts were offered by Brittainy Lee Quinn of Collinwood Friends Garden and her students from Cleveland School of the Arts. 

The garden and game were surrounded by delicious dishes, music and chatting, laughing families. 

  • Chef Kayla Palmisano of Collinwood Friends Garden created fresh orange, cranberry and honey sorbet, topped with your choice of fresh cut pineapple, strawberries, peaches and apples. 
  • Local Chef Kimberly Homan constructed a broccoli forest with cauliflower sheep diorama, and served zucchini pesto spiral noodles and zucchini coconut brownie bites. 
  • Healthier Puerto Rican chicken & vegetable empanadas and veggie red rice by Ramona Pacheco. 
  • Raspberry-mint and honey sun tea was provided by neighborhood artist Michele Biondo. 
  • Reserve the game for FREE group play at Memorial Nottingham Library

17109 Lakeshore Blvd, Cleveland, 44110

  • Available ANY time the circular meeting room is available: Contact Children’s Librarian, Libby Hampton at 216 623-7039
  • 6 players at a time with 2 player support team (especially for non-readers) to keep track of dice & action cards – Indoor play only.
  • Recommended Ages 5-12; Adult supervision is required
  • Volunteers are Welcome to Water our Children’s Vegetable Garden Box in-Season!

 This Project was created by Linda Zolten Wood & is supported by:

ArtPlace America, Northeast Shores Development Corporation, and Ward 8 residents age 14 & up through The Ballot Box Project.

 The 8x8 foot Grovewood Salvation Army game and 4x4 foot tabletop version at Collinwood Branch Library on E. 152nd Street game are being printed on vinyl by ImageMart Inc. in Collinwood, on St. Clair. Action cards were hand-painted, and laminated for durability. 

Reserve these games with SAL’s Learning Zone director, Margaret Craig at

216 692-1388 and Children’s Librarian, Adam Tully, at E152 Library,

216 623-6934. 

Linda is eligible for a matching grant through Cleveland Climate Action Fund to create more painted gardens and games with children creating characters. Please consider a tax-deductible donation through November 18th 2016 at this link:


Tax-deductible donations after November 18th can be accepted at Northeast Shores Development Corporation, 317 E 156th St, Cleveland, OH 44110, 216 481-7660.


Linda Zolten Wood

Resident of neighborhood since 1956. Worked on East 185th street since 1970.

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