My Grandma’s Purse

There are so many special and beautiful woman that live in Cleveland. This specific woman I am speaking of is our grandma‘s these women have paved the way for many generations to come, but only if you take time to hear their stories and understand the time and era they came from then you will also agree that our grandma‘s have paved away for us women. One in particular was my grandma Beatrice Hubbard an awesome woman of God. My grandma carried this purse that had everything thing you will need to survive even if you wasn’t lost or deserted. She had lunch meat that even stayed cold and the fruit was always so sweet.

On Sunday mornings at church my grandma would have safety pens and clear fingernail polish that would stop the runs in the church lady’s stocking. It was so unbelievable and amazing that she always had what everyone needed if you crossed her path. My grandma’s purse showed me a very valuable lesson. It’s wasn’t the physical part of her carrying every thing around or how heavy her purse was. The lesson I seen was the fact that she was helping people everywhere she went. My grandma died 2016. I was so sad because nothing in her purse helped her. But the spirit of her purse showed me that now it was my turn to carry this purse. So I now carry her purse inside my purse to help people wherever I go. But now I need the communities help to find their grandma’s purses and let’s come together to help everybody.

Umeikia Whiting

I am a single mother of 3 boys. I've lived in the Lakeshore area since 1988 and I still currently reside in the Lakeshore area. I am a published author I have written and published my first two books Cleveland L.A.N.E and Poetry From A Rose. I also am the founder and CEO of the Green Rose Foundation. My vision is KEEPING FAMILIES TOGETHER ONE PETAL AT A TIME. So I am very much interested in being a member as well as a writer for the collonwood observer

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Volume 10, Issue 6, Posted 11:14 AM, 06.07.2018