Thank You from The Slovene Home - Skilled Care and Rehab Center

The administration of The Slovene Home - Skilled Care and Rehabilitation would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to our residents and their families and friends.   Everyone has been more than understanding and patient during this difficult time dealing with COVID-19.  Families feel disconnection and fear for their loved one’s safety.

The fact that we have not been able to allow visitors since mid-March is a great hardship for both the residents and their families. But they are very appreciative that the staff has been working so hard to provide quality care and keep their loved ones safe.  

Fortunately, in this well-connected world, residents have been able to video-chat with family with the help of staff as well as simply touch base on the phone. We conduct small group activities -  while maintaining social distancing -  as we all try to adjust to a new “normal”. We allow families to drop off special items and treats for their loved ones to make them feel more close to home.  The items are delivered to the recipients by staff members after following careful sanitizing guidelines.    

We’d also like to extend a sincere, much deserved “Thank You” to our staff for all their help and dedication during this critical time by keeping the residents (and their fellow staff members) as our number one priorities. Aside from the diligent care that the staff provides,  they also bring reassurance and comfort to residents by simply sitting with them and saying a prayer or singing a favorite tune.

Our board of trustees is very involved and concerned during this time as well -  as they love the home and our residents, too. The volunteer board members hold the Slovene Home near and dear to their hearts.  The community-at-large has also jumped in to offer assistance and support in any way they can.

If nothing else, this crisis in the world shows that, in a time of need, everyone steps up to help.

Warmest regards,

Philip Hrvatin

Philip Hrvatin

Resident of neighborhood since 1956. Worked on East 185th street since 1970.

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Volume 12, Issue 5, Posted 5:54 PM, 05.07.2020