Unleash Your Inner "Rain" Gardener

Join us and Unleas Your Inner Rain Gardener!

Growing up, my grandparents were known for having green thumbs, I, however, was not. No matter how easy a plant was to care for, it was destined for the compost bin. I was always fascinated by my grandmother’s window full of cactus and succulents, and we all enjoyed the fresh vegetables, strawberries, and cherries straight from the back yard. But my own gardening adventures were not so fruitful.

Then came Master Rain Gardeners. At the Ohio Stormwater Conference a few years ago I saw a presentation by Susan Bryan called "How to Get 400 Rain Gardens in The Ground Without Lifting a Shovel." What ensued was a journey in train the trainer that had me building my own rain garden and working with local conservation agencies to bring the Master Rain Gardener program to Northeast Ohio. Now, I have gone from someone who couldn't tell you the common name of more than a handful of plants, to a person who finds herself referring to plants by their Latin name in grant applications.

The Master Rain Gardener program was originally designed for gardeners, and bringing them into the stormwater solution world, but for me, the opposite occurred. I went from someone teaching others how to maintain green infrastructure, to someone who looks for places in her landscape to bring home native plants. Someone who pours over plant catalogs and spends time looking at other gardens while walking the dog. The Master Rain Gardener program has introduced me to so many wonderful gardeners who share their tips and tricks, and wonder of wonders, my rain garden is flourishing. Rain gardens aren't for everyone, most conservationists don't have a rain garden. Gardeners are often the first ones to build rain gardens, and I am proud to finally call myself one of them.

Whether you consider yourself a gardener, or you are interested in how your yard can help with drainage issues, consider the Master Rain Gardener Program.  Even if you have a black thumb like me, by using the native plants recomended in our program, you can have a beautiful rain garden that is fed by rain.

Our online program starts May 20th! I hope to virtually "see" you there to share our love of gardening. We will share five week's of rain garden content designed to teach you how to design, dig, and plant your own rain garden. Progam cost is $50. Register Here.

For more native plant and rain garden resources visit Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District's programs page.

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Elizabeth Hiser

Euclid Creek Watershed Program Manager working out of Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District office.

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Volume 12, Issue 5, Posted 5:54 PM, 05.07.2020