The Cleveland Job Corps Gives A Tribute to the Front Line

A Tribute to the Front Line

Everyday healthcare workers, first responders, front line and essential workers courageously face conditions that pose major health risks for themselves and for the health risks of their own families. In their commitment to caring for people, they work long hours. Some are confined at work and many work diligently and "SERVE" during the COVID-19 pandemic with limited supplies.

We all depend upon the services and skills of each of these dedicated technicians every day, regardless of a pandemic. However, it is unfortunate that this pandemic awakened what many of us had taken for granted: the skills, dedication, and the commitment they represent in caring for human life. For example, grocery store clerks and truck drivers are workers that became recognized as essential to our continued living.

These essential workers whom we had taken for granted have always worked hard, but the pause amongst the workforce allowed us to see their importance. So, let us always remember the service and the commitment we have experienced at the grocery store, clerks who kept stores stocked and cleaned; the delivery trucks on the roads; restaurant food preparers providing curbside service; and teachers who had to shift to teaching virtually. We know there are many more to recognize to include our first responders, law enforcement, and firefighters who consistently act courageously without fail; and our military, who continue to serve in the United States and in foreign countries to ensure our Nation's safety.

Let us continue to support and pray for all essential workers, our brave human beings, and their families, as they relentlessly and courageously perform their life-saving duties. We honor them by doing our part to practice social distancing and take proper precautions to prevent any respiratory disease. More importantly, let us follow the medical examples that many of our healthcare technicians utilize to help during the healing process, be courteous, and caring.

On behalf of us at Serrato Corporation, we graciously and humbly thank you and "SALUTE" you for the valor you continue to display in the face of adversity and the sacrifices you have made to support, serve, and protect human lives!

Harriet Hadley

Serrator Corporation Operator for the Cleveland Job Corps

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Volume 12, Issue 6, Posted 11:51 AM, 06.07.2020