Tri-C Announces Full Tuition Assistance Program in Light of Covid-19

Cuyahoga County Community College recently announce a Full Tuition Assistance Program in a push to reskill during Covid-19. The assistance program will offset academic and training costs for Cuyahoga County residents and aims to create access to academic credit courses and workforce training programs.

The Full Tuition Assistance Program can be used as a “last-dollar” scholarship to cover out-of-pocket expenses after eligibility for Pell grant and other financial aid is determined. Prioritized groups for the financial aid program include those impacted by Covid-19 and/or those who had planned to enroll or are currently enrolled at a four-year college or university:

  • Unemployed individuals who lost employment and/or income due to Covid-19 and are seeking a short-term credential, advanced training or a degree to increase their employability
  • Graduating high school students who planned to attend a four-year college or university this fall but have to reconsider due to financial hardship
  • Current college students who are or were enrolled at a four-year college and can’t afford to return, but want to continue their education

Assistance can cover up to one year of academic credit courses or the full length of a workforce training program. Tuition will be covered for new or returning Tri-C students who are Cuyahoga County residents that experience intensified financial need during the pandemic.

For more information, please visit Tri-C’s full press release.

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Volume 12, Issue 6, Posted 11:51 AM, 06.07.2020