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Beachland Hair Designs Shop Small Saturday Open House Event

Senator George Voinovich and Wife Janet

The 6th Annual Beachland Hair Design, Shop Small Saturday Event, garnered not only interesting guest and, prizes, but a great time had by all!

The event ,all toll, raised a little over $1,000, and over 200 lbs of food ,donated to, The Greater Cleveland Food Bank. Our 50/50 winner claimed she would be donating her winnings back to the food bank and the other half went to Midwest Veterinary Hospital's Helping Hands organization.

With a basket raffle ,50/50, donations, and games all day long, Not only did the The Greater Cleveland Food Bank benifit from this event, so did the winners, losers, and neighborhood guest.

Thanks to the kind donations by Cebars Euclid Tavern, Cavottas Garden Center, 107.3 The Wave's  Kelly Marlier, Debbie Miller, Blue Breeze, Drues Place, and Martin's Mens Wear

Most if not all were local stand outs. American Express donates marketing material every year, simply by signing up easily on the web site.

Held every year, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, with a little luck maybe next year you can be a winner.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Frank Barresi: 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to Frank Barresi, who received the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award from Northeast Shores Development Corporation. Barresi has served over 20 years on the Board and Northeast Shores thanks him for his endless dedication to making Collinwood a better place to live, work, and visit.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Mother Raphael as a Pioneer

In late April of 2015, Mother Mary Raphael Gregg was awarded the Ohio Health Care Association Pioneer Award.  This award is designed to honor a commitment to excellence in long-term care services, and to recognize Ohioans who are influential in the development and advancement of long-term care programs.  Mother M. Raphael earned this award through her lifetime commitment and dedication to Euclid’s Mount St. Joseph Rehab Center on Chardon Road.  Mother Raphael became a Catholic Sister on October 3, 1954 when she joined the Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Mark.  At the time, the sisters were providing rest home services on a local estate that they had purchased.  Sister Raphael was sent to nursing school to better care for their residents.  She earned her LPN in 1958, her RN license in 1979, and then her BSN degree in 1992.  As Mount St. Joseph nursing home grew and changed with time, Sister Raphael became a licensed nursing home administrator in 1999, after completing an internship at St. Augustine Manor.  She would later become the Administrator of Mount St. Joseph and the Mother Superior of the Order.  In 2012, Mother Raphael managed every detail of the design and construction, and led the way as the sisters replaced their old nursing home with a new, state of the art rehabilitation center.  The new Mount St. Joseph Rehab Center will continue to provide excellent care long into the future due to Mother Raphael’s watchful eye and dedication to her mission.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Councilman’s Corner

Greetings. Happy February. Well 2016 looks to be another positive year with many projects and initiatives underway.First though, it is that time of year that the freeze and thaw cycle is upon us. Chuckholes and other road issues are already popping up. For street repair please call (216) 664-2510.  This is the same number to call for snow removal and plowing issues on residential streets. We know with this weather we run the risk of water leaks. Please, if you see water running in the street or tree lawn areas please call the Divison of Water immediately at (216) 664-3060. In addition, believe it or not street lights could go out due to salt spray and extreme temperatures.  If there is a street light out on your street please call (216) 664-3156 and report the location.  Be proactive.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Arts partnerships aid education at O.H. Perry

The arts play a dynamic part in the comprehensive education being offered at Oliver H. Perry School. 

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District PreK-8 school on Schenely Avenue has started partnerships this school year with the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning and  the Dancing Wheels troupe. 

Oliver H. Perry Principal Anne Priemer believes bringing artists into the classrooms furthers a child’s development. 

“It enhances a young child’s motor skills, language development, visual learning, cultural awareness and creativity, which are essential to academic achievement,” she said. “Arts education fosters students’ critical thinking and observation skills because it requires students to focus and spend time observing and analyzing the world around them.” 

Priemer, in her first year at the school after completing the CMSD’s Aspiring Principals Academy, previously worked as a teacher in New York and as director of curriculum and instruction at a Cleveland-area charter school. She said studies have shown that schools with robust art programs are often higher performing. 

“Arts education can reinforce what students are learning in their core content areas,” she said, citing two examples: 

* When a local 4H club visited the school, she said members were impressed that so many of the Oliver H. Perry fifth-graders could answer all of the questions about Newton’s Laws of Physics. Priemer said the students knew the answers because they are “choreographing their own dance with Dancing Wheels based on Newton’s Laws.” 

* She also said that many of her students are more excited to come to school because of a graphic arts project through the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning in which “they know they will be creating digital images that may end up on a Jones Soda bottle for distribution.” 

Priemer said the effect of the arts on education isn’t always easily measured, but it can still be seen easily enough – if you’re looking. 

“When Dancing Wheels came to perform for the entire school, even our kindergarten and first-grade students were mesmerized for the whole hour,” she said. “Anyone who knows students that age knows that’s a big deal.” 

She said students regularly ask whether the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning's Jimmie Woody, a professional actor, director and teaching artist, will be in the school that day or if the center is going to help with a year-end play again this school year. 

“That’s the conundrum with the arts – how do you measure a direct impact?” she said. “But we know that it does make a difference and that it also helps us market our school to families who are interested in both academics and arts.”

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

CMSD moves closer to building new O.H. Perry


The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is moving closer to building a new Oliver H. Perry School.

Plans were to go before the city Planning Commission on Feb. 5. The schedule calls for groundbreaking in late August or early September and the completion of work by December 2017.

The school will be built on a different part of the Schenely Avenue property that the existing Oliver H. Perry now occupies. That will avoid the need to relocate students during construction.

A volunteer advisory committee made up of district representatives, community leaders, neighborhood residents and community partners has been meeting since last summer to help architects with the building design, site plan and traffic flow.

CEDA, which stands for Cleveland Educational Design Alliance, designed the building. CEDA is affiliated with TDA Architecture.

The new school will hold 470 students, with one classroom for preschool and two for each level from kindergarten through eighth grade. The building will have spaces for music, art, a media center and a project lab.

The construction was made possible when voters overwhelmingly approved Issue 4, a $200 million bond issue, in November 2014. CMSD plans to build 20 to 22 schools and remodel 20 to 23, continuing a modernization program that began in 2001. 

The state will contribute slightly more than $2 for every $1 the district spends on new construction. The bond issue did not increase taxes.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Classical Meets Folk: CityMusic at Waterloo Arts

Classical Meets Folk: CityMusic at Waterloo Arts

CityMusic’s second chamber concert at Waterloo Arts turns to folk music, which was part of the audible landscape for classical composers. Their string trio will play duets for two violins, by Haydn, Mozart and Bela Bartok; and trios by Haydn and Beethoven for two violins and double bass. Masha Andreini and Aniela Eddy are the violinists; Tracy Rowell plays bass.

The concert is in the Nan and MilesKennedyCommunityArtCenter at Waterloo Arts (enter at 397 E156 St) on Friday, February 19, at 7 pm, and will include a short intermission. Like the M4M concerts, CityMusic concerts are free. And when they’re held at Waterloo Arts, they include (sometimes) a gallery show and (always) the possibility of a glass of wine or some such from the Callaloo Café.

The full CityMusic orchestra will perform at St Jerome church on March 17 and May 12. The M4M series at Waterloo Arts begins in March, with the Bayard String Quartet, followed by the Charnofsky Piano Trio in April; the Trillium Trio (flute, clarinet, bassoon), which was our very first M4M concert, in May; the Tower City Brass Quintet in September; the Silver Keys Clarinet Quartet in October; and Joe Parker with his sitar in November.

Where did the folk influence come from? Haydn’s parents were working folk – musical working folk – and he grew up singing folk songs with them and their neighbors. He also adapted some of the Landler, the immensely popular German dance, as did Beethoven and Mozart.

Beethoven wrote 179 folk-song arrangements, many of them English, Scots or Irish – although he never visited Britain. A Scots collector paid him by the song (possibly one British pound apiece, which apparently had been Haydn’s rate) and Beethoven obliged generously – despite the difficulties of smuggling goods between Austria and Scotland during the Napoleonic War. The songs didn’t sell well in Scotland – not simple enough.

Bela Bartok, after hearing a peasant woman singing, began to record (on an Edison phonograph) hundreds of songs from small villages in rural Hungary and Romania. His intention was preservation, but the process had a profound influence on his own compositions.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

2016 Youth Summit

On February 20, 2016, Famicos Foundation will host its Annual Youth Wellness Empowerment Summit. This event will be held at Glenville High School 650 E. 113th Street, Cleveland Ohio 44108 from 9:30am-3:00pm and is free of charge to all student attendees.  This summit hopes to give our youth the ability to make conscious choices to live well. Wellness as we know is an active process of becoming aware and making choices toward living a fulfilling life. More than the absence of illness, wellness is a dynamic and multifaceted process of change and growth in ones lives. With that in mind, we will seek to address the eight dimensions of wellness (Emotional, Occupational, Environmental, Physical, Intellectual, Social, Financial and Spiritual) in an engaging summit for students ages 12-18. 

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Gaining Insight- Teen volunteers learn to see with their hearts as they help visually impaired individuals.

Collinwood High School Students volunteering at the Cleveland Sight Center. 

The Collinwood High School DoMore4:Good team weathered the frigid Cleveland temperatures on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 as they traveled to the Cleveland Sight Center. The Cleveland Sight Center hosts a monthly Winners Club Social, which allows visually impaired adults to come together to socialize, complete recreational activities and learn a new skill.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

CHS Fashion Design Class: "Tailoring" Creativity

Jonathan Goodman takes extra care in threading his sewing machine.

A simple pattern, a spool of thread, fleece cloth, decorative trim, and steady hands are all the materials Collinwood High School New Tech students have found they need to create warm winter hats for their latest project in Fashion Design.  Under the guidance of teacher, Rosalyn Allen, the class has not only been sharpening their sewing skills but also studying the history of fashion by various decades.

Considering that the garment industry and the manufacture of ready-to-wear clothing have a long and rich Cleveland connection, it is easy to see why this topic was a logical subject choice.

Through reading, researching and hands-on activities, linking the past to the present and future has been very engaging.  One recent assignment was to make straps and pockets for bags provided by NASA.  Another was to fashion no-sew fleece blankets, which were donated to a local homeless shelter.

Projects still on the drawing board are a much-anticipated trunk show and, perhaps, a fashion show.  Creating duct tape clothing and accessories is yet another possibility.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Drumming Workshop at Collinwood Village Academy Drumming Workshop

Students Making Their Own Drums

Drumming Workshop at Collinwood Village Academy 

The fifth and sixth grade students at Collinwood Village Academy celebrated Martin Luther King week by participating in a drumming workshop on Thursday, January 21st and Friday, January, 22nd. Baba Jubal Harris, a professional drummer and music educator, taught them how to make their own drums and ten basic rhythms.

On Thursday, they made square drums by decorating wooden frames and wrapping clear plastic tape around the frame twice. On Friday, they learned various rhythms and movements. Staff members will prepare some of the students to perform at the school’s Cultural Arts Festival in February.

This workshop was made possible by a grant from Neighborhood Connections in association with the Cuyahoga Arts and Culture.  Collinwood Neighborhood Catholic Ministries was instrumental in obtaining these funds. 

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Enrich Your Winter with Online Learning

A cold winter has a tendency to keep us indoors.  You may already be bored with reading books, cleaning, or doing crafts but as a lifelong learner, I would like to introduce you to something that I discovered in 2014 at   Coursera is an organization that provides universal access to the world’s best education partnering with top universities and organizations to offer courses online.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Memorial School to Host its Sixth Annual African History Celebration

Dear Community Friends,

Memorial School is hosting its sixth annual African History Celebration on February 26, 2016 from 5:00 until 8:00 PM. The evening will be filled with performances, poetry, and activities celebrating the history and culture of African Americans. We are inviting you to participate by sharing your story, artifacts, or talent. You may also get involved by becoming a vendor in our Marketplace, which will be free of charge. The only thing you would need to do is bring your own table.

(Vendors)   Our program will begin at 5:00 PM and you will need to arrive by 3:45 PM to set up your display or to prepare for your presentation. Each presenter will have a space in the gymnasium and will have from 5:00 PM until 5:40 PM to present or share your products.   

Ø  Memorial School is located at 410 East 152nd Street Cleveland, Ohio 44110

Ø  Please call to confirm your participation and let us know if you will need a table.

Ø  Vendors-there is no fee for vending space, our goal is to promote our local businesses to our parents at Memorial School.

We are excited about this event and are very grateful for your participation.  To confirm your participation please call Margaret Craig (Community Organizer) at (216) 692-1388 or Mr. Neal (Assistant Principal) at (216) 692-4118 or Ms. Burrus (216) 262-6995

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Enrollment Begins at Lakeshore Intergenerational School for 2016-2017 Year

Lakeshore Intergenerational School is so pleased to have full enrollment for our second year here in the North Collinwood area.  Many community members may not be fully aware of our presence here so we would like to give a brief overview of LIS as a large portion of our philosophy is community engagement and promoting lifelong learning.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Tri-C's Health, Wellness and Preventative Care Center Open for Spring Semester at Metropolitan Campus

The Community Health, Wellness and Preventative Care Center at the Metropolitan Campus of Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®) is now open for spring semester.

The care center provides low-cost health care services to uninsured or underinsured adults while giving Tri-C health career students learning and training opportunities in a clinical setting.

The center is open 2-5 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays through April 28. It is located in Room 105 of the Health Careers and Sciences building at Metro Campus, 2900 Community College Ave. in Cleveland.

The center is staffed by students studying to be medical assistants, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapy assistants and dietetic technicians. The students work under the supervision of licensed health care providers.

Services offered at the center include blood pressure readings, glucose and cholesterol screenings; physical therapy and occupational therapy; physical rehabilitation for daily living; pain management; bone density screenings; nutritional coaching; stress management; and exercise and education programs. No physician referrals are needed.

To schedule a visit or to find out about special health-related workshops, call 216-987-3555.

The care center serves as a key part of Tri-C’s allied health career programs. Nearly 2,800 appointments have been booked since the service began in 2009.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Celebrating the Artist in Us All!

5th grade artistst Larry Washington

What do Picasso, Monet, and Kahlo have in common?  The most obvious is that they were all famous artists with distinct styles.  A little less obvious is that at one point they were all children; creative, imaginative, and free-thinking.   At Memorial, we believe every child deserves an opportunity to unleash their inner artist and with our resident artist, Mrs. Hopkins, as their guide and as their vehicle, our budding artists have found an opportunity to showcase their developing skills and unique talents.  Artstonia is the largest student art museum in the world! Every child can have an online art gallery and preserve their masterpiece for all time! Check out our student masterpieces on our FB page or at 

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Fish Fry and More

The Kitchen Angels of the Slovenian Workmen's Home have their delicious Fish Fry & More every Friday from 3:00 PM until 8:00 PM.  The menu includes Fish (breaded in house & fried or served with special seasoning and baked), Breaded Shrimp, Breaded Pork Chops, Goulash and Macaroni & Cheese dinners.  The side dishes are Slovenian Home Fries, French Fries, Polenta, Macaroni & Cheese, Cabbage & Noodles, Applesauce and Cole slaw.  Try the freshly baked strudel for dessert.  A children's menu is also available.

For additional information, take out orders or reservations of 8 or more, please call 216/481-5378.  The Slovenian Workmen's Home is location at 15335 Waterloo Road, Cleveland.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Polka Time

It's Polka Time at the "Waterloo Ballroom" of the Slovenian Workmen's Home, 15335 Waterloo Road, Cleveland.  After a short holiday/winter break the Sunday dances will begin on February 7th.  The doors open at 2:00 PM and the music is from 3:00 PM until 7:00 PM.  The cost per person is only $10.00.  A cash bar and food will be available.  The bands appearing for your dancing and listening enjoyment are as follows:

February 7 - Wayne Tomsic

February 14 - Bobby Kravos

February 21 - Frank Moravcik

February 28 - Aaron Dussig

March 6 - Mickey Dee

March 13 - Aaron Dussig

March 20 - Rex Taneri

March 27 - Easter - No Dance

April 3 - Joey Tomsick

For reservations of 8 or more or for additional information, please call 216/481-5378 or e-mail us at

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Jergens Inc. Commits to Workforce Development and Collinwood

Founded in 1942, Jergens Inc. is a tooling component manufacturer located in Cleveland’s Collinwood Neighborhood. Christy Schron dreamed of having his own machine shop with his son Jack, who attended Collinwood High School. Christy and Jack first operated the business in a rented a garage on East 152nd Street. Soon, they outgrew the space, and Jergens’ found a new home on East 163rd off of St. Clair. In the midst of World War II, business was booming, and it was difficult to find a qualified workforce. Jergens began holding training classes in the shop every evening to keep up production and support the war effort.

Business continued to grow as Jergens moved to its third Collinwood location on Nottingham Road. In 1999, Jergens had again outgrown its facility and relocated to its current home on South Waterloo on the site of the former Collinwood Yards. The company continues to honor this legacy in its lobby that is decorated with railroad artifacts and antiques.  

Jergens has been led since 1987 by its third generation of Schrons, with Jack Schron, Jr., currently at the helm as president. The family has demonstrated a commitment to keeping Jergens’ facilities in the City of Cleveland and maintaining jobs in Ohio. Jack Schron says, “Our first seeds were planted 75 years ago, and our roots were thoroughly entrenched. It is only natural that we would call Collinwood home for our next generation of Jergens.”

Jergens has partnered with the Cuyahoga East Vocational Education Consortium (CEVEC) in a pilot program in which high school students use Jergens as their classroom for the entire year. The program has a full-time teacher who works with students at the Jergens’ facility by introducing them to careers in manufacturing and helping prepare them to enter the workforce.

According to Schron, “The company was started to meet the needs of the second World War, and since then we have diversified into entertainment, industry, aerospace, medical and all walks of life. If you’ve ever been to a rock concert, you have seen our products without realizing it from the speakers to the ceiling. Our electric screwdrivers have put together air bags, hand-held cell phones and missile systems.”

There currently are six divisions/subsidiaries under the Jergens, Inc. umbrella: Jergens Tooling Component Division (TCD), Jergens Industrial Supply (JIS), Assembly Systems Group (ASG), ACME Industrial Company, Jergens Shanghai, and Jergens India. TCD focuses on lean manufacturing solutions in three areas: work holding solutions, lifting solutions, and specialty fasteners. TCD’s product line-up includes fasteners, hoist rings, Kwik-Lok pins, and Ball-Lock mounting systems. JIS offers a full line of cutting tools, carbide, and other tool inserts, coolants, abrasives, drills, and other industrial supplies. ASG is a supplier of products for threaded fastener assembly, including torque-controlled electric screwdrivers, automation products, and production aides. ACME manufactures threaded inserts and bushings. Jergens’ also has international sales offices in Shanghai, China, and Mumbai, India.

Jergens always is accepting applications from CNC machinists and workers with experience in skilled manufacturing.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

The Waterloo Alley Cat Project Seventh Annual Fundraiser

The Waterloo Alley Cat Project is very happy to announce their 7th annual fundraiser that is being held on Saturday, February 20, 2016 featuring a vegetarian buffet dinner along with basket raffles and silent auctions from 6:30 to 9 pm being held at The Beachland Ballroom, 15711 Waterloo Road. At 9:30 there will be a live music show headlined by The Sadies from Toronto and Ethan Daniel Davidson from Detroit! The proceeds from this event will be used for spay/neuter costs, vet bills, shelter and food for the cat colonies that the trap-neuter-return group oversee.

The Waterloo Alley Cat Project grew out of a couple of friends sharing a concern over the overpopulation of homeless cats and kittens around Waterloo Road’s business district. The project has now grown into an 8 member volunteer organization that has spayed/neutered over 250 cats since 2009. They have been awarded 5 grants: including two from the ASPCA in Washington, D.C. They were also featured the U.S. Humane Society’s national publication in 2013 as an example of a successful grassroots community trap-neuter-return organization.

This is not an event just for cat lovers; this is about helping to build a stronger community from the heart. 

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

A Call to Collinwood Business Owners and Community

The Young Leaders Program is a 501c3 non profit after school program located in the Collinwood Recreational Center. What we do is teach 6th -12th graders leadership skills and life skills. This includes teaching critical thinking,problem solving and community responsibility . We are a group of young adults working towards rebuilding our community and the people in it. We strive to make a positive impact on everyone we encounter especilly all of our teens in our program. We are a new program this is our first year and we are already receiving great community feed back. The teens in our program are learning and having fun while doing it. There is only one problem we are facing.Right now we are in need of sponsors and volunteers .

We need help from our community to continue to make a impact in our community. We need volunteers to come in and help our teens with homework. We need community assistance with our community service projects. We also need funding for class supplies,uniforms,field trips and events that we throw for the teens in our program. We need permission to use space for some of our staff collect donations ( outside of volunteers this is most needed). Overall we would love to collaborate with the people of our community in making our community better. Our staff and teens need your support! If you are interested in being a help or if you have any further questions please contact Vice President Breauna Sweeney 216 622-5849.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Tai Chi Classes at Collinwood High!

Chris Downtown Montreal

An ancient martial art known as Tai Chi Chuan has found it's way to Collinwood High School. In our Collinwood Class we learn techniques that enable us to use an opponents strength against them no matter how big or strong. We learn to control attackers using joint locking techniques and also how to escape from them. We learn energy building techniques known as Qigong (Chee-Gong). We learn to stay relaxed and focused in the face of on coming threats and so much more. But wait a minute, are we talking about Tai Chi? Is this the same thing you see the elderly people practicing in the park?

These ancient exercises are good exercise for the mind. While performing the physical movements it is important to use visualization techniques to move the body’s internal energy, Chi. Chi is the life force that we are all born with. It is associated with the electrical signals that run through our nervous system just as blood flows through the circulatory system. Through deep breathing and mental imagery we are able to gather this energy and increase it’s presence in our bodies giving us longer and stronger lives. Tai Chi and Qigong are forms of meditation that relax and calm the mind reducing stress and bringing our thoughts into balance. This reduces the effects that stress can have on our bodies. Many ailments are directly linked to stress and can be avoided.

 While practicing Tai Chi and Qigong we return to a natural state. Our breathing is in the lower abdomen like that of a baby, relaxed. Our movements are not forced but natural, our minds clear. This brings us back to the way we were meant to be before life imposed its’ bad habits upon us. When we enter this state we are thus returning to nature. We become more spiritual. This spirituality is not religious in nature although it can be for each person what they wish. The spirituality I speak of is in accordance with nature and an appreciation of life. One gains a deeper understanding of oneself and a connection to our inner selves while at the same time connecting to the world around us, experiencing oneness. Although many times we learn in a classroom it is good to practice outside if possible to breathe the fresh air and absorb the light of the sun and the energy of the earth. Once a person learns Tai Chi it is theirs to take with them wherever they go.

The Classes at Collinwood are on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:00 p.m.  They are open and free to the public. Anyone wishing to experience Tai Chi Chuan is welcome to come. Age and fitness levels are irreleveant, the classes are non-competitive, friendly and inspiring. Come, wear comfortable clothing and get ready to feel great! Fore more information on Tai Chi visit

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

The Grovewood is Reopened

Formerly the Grovewood Tavern and Wine Bar has been reopened under new ownership as the Grovewood Lounge & Grille. The new owner Chris Brooks, wants to turn the cozy bar into a comfortable neighborhood "Cheers". An extensive remodel by local craftsman John Budway has the interior of the Grovewood looking classy. A new hardwood floor and bar has been added. Four large flatscreen TVs make the Grovewood the perfect place to watch a Cav's game. A simple menu of appetizers, salads, sandwiches will be available. An emphasis on fresh and not frozen should lead to some tasty bar food. An expanded menu will be added in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Fat Tuesday + Mardi Gras = Partigras!

A new Cleveland tradition is born!  Daddy Longleg’s Homegrown Revival will liven up the place with their funk brand of New Orleans’s party music!  Complete with costumes, feathers and beads this will bring Bourbon Street to Waterloo Road!  Stilt walkers, dancing girls, face painters, live feed form Bourbon Street and of course lot’s of Gumbo and Cajun food!  Admission is only $5 with tickets in advance for sale at the bar.  All ages welcome.  Lent begins the next day. 

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

The Winter Reggae Fest

The Winter Reggae Fest takes place on Bob Marley’s 71st birthday.  Featured entertainment will be Cleveland’s I-TAL and southwest Florida’s SOWFLO.  SOWFLO is an acronym for southwest Florida.  I-Tal is credited as being one of the very first reggae bands in the United States, debuting in 1978.  They play original “roots reggae” which emphasizes the traditional reggae beat and messages of independence, unity, Rastafari and has a great party beat.  SOWFLO is a modern rock/reggae band of young white boys who are fast becoming a national band.  Their influence on reggae is from bands like Sublime. SOWFLO has a very up-tempo reggae sound with a fantastic trombone player.  Also at the Winter Reggae Fest will be Jamaican food, art & crafts and Bob Marley movies.  This event is $15 in advance with tickets sold at the bar and $20 if any are left, at the door.  Doors at 8:00.  All ages.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Healthy Living For Older Adults

 On February 17, The Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging will host a special day-long event for older adults, providing health information and hands-on experiences that examine the causes of chronic disease. This program will provide seniors with skills and resources to reduce stress, engage in healthy eating and help them to enjoy an active and high-quality life. 

Topics and activities include: managing chronic illness, managing stress, tapping, reiki, relaxation, diet and nutrition, exercise and other activities that promote healthy living. 

The session is free to attend, but registration is necessary.  To register go to: or call 216.373.1610. Event will be held at 11890 Fairhill Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44120 from 9 am – 2pm.  

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

CMSD Sees Gains In K-3 Literacy And Graduation Rate On 2015 State Report Card

State Report Cards released by the Ohio Department of Education today show progress in two important areas for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District:  K-3 literacy and on-time graduation. The District’s K-3 literacy rate grew by 4.2%, a measure that CEO Eric Gordon calls “significant” for a large urban district. Although CMSD would have improved its rating to a D on the scale used by the Ohio Department of Education last year, the state raised its passing rate for this year’s class, dropping CMSD’s score to an F, despite the District’s gains this year. “Even though state tests change from year to year and make it difficult to make the apples-to-apples comparisons we can see on the more consistent NAEP (Nation’s Report Card) tests, we are encouraged by the gains we are seeing in grades K-3 and by our gains in the most stable measure of our growth--a record-high graduation rate,” said Gordon.  The District’s on-time graduation rate grew from 52.1% to 66.0%--a 13.9% gain over four years.The reported graduation rate, 65.9, measures CMSD’s 2013-14 class and is watermarked this year due to an appeal the District filed to remove five non-CMSD students whose scores should not have been counted.  Removal is expected to improve the District’s score to 66%—a district high for CMSD that has reached a record-high graduation rate four years in a row.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

The Little Red Cap Project

Restoring the Collinwood school fire Memorial garden. Are you interested in Collinwood History? Are you a gardener or just interested in gardens? Are you interested in our Collinwood Community?

Come join us in the garden. Contact either Elva Brodnick at or 216-738-0626, or Charlotte Iafeliece at or 216-401-8778

We've already done alot of work in the Garden in 2015, thanks to our "Garden Angels" and other Cleveland Municipal School District staff and students.

We'll soon be putting plans together for 2016, and there’s a lot to do. Join our email list to stay informed!

Check us out ("the Little Red Cap Project") on Facebook and our website at 

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society Join us for our Annual Meeting

Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society Join us Friday, February 19, 2016 6:00 PM at Muldoon's Saloon 1020 EAST 185th STREET.

This is our 8th Annual Meeting. Join us for Friendship, Food and an Update on all activities coming up (How can you go wrong!) (Order off the menu at your own expense) RSVP to the contacts below. Looking Forward to Seeing You All There! Everyone’s Welcome! For More Info Please feel free to contact: Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society Phone: 216 – 664-4236 Email:

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Baker Candies Famous Whipped Eggs

Bakers Candies a long time Collinwood resident late last year had planned to close its operation ending a decades long tradition of manufacturing candy products. In particular would be the end of one of their most loved products whipped eggs (whips). Whips were a holiday favorite and highly sought after item during Easter. 
THERE BACK - late last year Baker Candies with and agreement with another long time Collinwood favorite the Humphrey Popcorn Company will continue the manufacture of Bakers Famous Whipped Eggs. Nothing will change in the manufacturing or the product. The same recipe and ingredients will be exactly the same. Humphrey Popcorn is committed to providing the same quality product that so many have enjoyed for years. Bakers Famous Whipped Eggs will be around for many more holidays, Easters and family events. Bakers Famous Whipped Eggs will be available beginning February 22nd thru March 26th at the following:


16131 Holmes Avenue Cleveland 44110 (original location)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am - 5pm 
Wednesday 10am - 7pm 
Saturday 11am - 1pm

20810 Miles Road Warrensville Hts. 44128

Monday - Thursday 8am - 2pm

Phone order: 216-662-6629

mail order:

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Upcoming Parish Events

Saturday & Sunday, February 6 & 7

Food Pantry Collection after Weekend Masses

Blessing of Throats after Mass

to commemorate the Feast of St. Blaise

Tuesday, February 9

Vespers – 7 p.m. in the church

Lent Begins

Wednesday, February 10 - Ash Wednesday

Ashes will be distributed during Mass

8:30 a.m. - Join our school students for morning Mass

7 p.m. - Mass in the evening

Friday, February 12

Stations of the Cross at 7 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday, February 13 & 14

Altar & Rosary Bake Sale following Mass

Monday, February 15

Collinwood Catholic Parish Cluster

7 p.m. Mass at St. Jerome Church

Deacon Bob Lester, Homilist


Friday, February 19

Stations of the Cross at 7 p.m.

Monday, February 22

Collinwood Catholic Parish Cluster

7 p.m. Mass at Holy Redeemer, Kipling Avenue

Wednesday, February 24

5 - 8 p.m.

Diocesan-Wide Celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation

in every parish

Friday, February 26

Stations of the Cross at 7 p.m.

Monday, February 29

Collinwood Catholic Parish Cluster

7 p.m. Mass at St. Mary Church, Holmes Avenue

Reverend Bob Stec, Homilist

Friday, March 4

Stations of the Cross at 7 p.m.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Winter Skincare for Seniors

Winter is upon us, and Mother Nature is not especially kind this time of year. With cold temperatures, harsh wind chills and a constant stream of snowfall, it is important to make sure you are protected from the elements. Seniors especially need to practice proper skin care during this season.  As we age, our skin become thinner, loses fat, and no longer looks as smooth as it used to.  Scratches, cuts, and bruises take longer to heal, wrinkles and age spots appear, and skin becomes dry and itchy.  In the winter, dryness and itching are a major nuisance that can lead to more serious issues if not addressed. Practicing proper skin care is quick, simple, and essential during these winter months.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Tickets On Sale Now for "Shrek the Musical, Jr."

North Collinwood’s UpStage Players, one of Northeast Ohio’s hardest working children’s theatre companies, celebrates its 22nd season in 2016 with the beloved theatre show Shrek the Musical Jr.

Tickets to all three performances can now be purchased online. Known for its no-cut policy, UpStage Players “works for the kids” of Greater Cleveland.

Performance Dates

Friday, March 18, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, March 19, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, March 20, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. 

Performance Venue

Cleveland Public Library Auditorium, 17109 Lakeshore Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 44119

Ticket Prices

$8 in advance

Online Ticket Ordering

Tickets may now be purchased through WWW.SHOWTIX4U.COM.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Moore Counseling located in Euclid offers a variety of services for addiction sufferers

Moore Counseling and Mediation Services, Inc.

Moore Counseling and Mediation Services, Inc. is a Cleveland based organization with four locations in the northeast Ohio area including its main office being located in Euclid, Ohio.

The Euclid location is located at 22639 Euclid Avenue, just east of east 222nd street.  You can find other locations in downtown Cleveland, Akron and Elyria.

Also known as MCMS, the community based organization offers a wide range of services to clients that suffer from alcohol and drug addiction and behavioral health disorders.  MCMS offers education, intervention, advocacy and support by helping clients get on the right path in life by meeting on a regular basis with counselors and specialist to discuss a wide variety of  issues that MCMS clients are struggling with.

Moore Counseling not only works with clients suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, but they also provide many companies and churches with services needed to grow and prosper in the community.

A list of other services provided by MCMS includes: anger management, intervention, premarital education, individual therapy, parenting education and substance abuse education.

If you want to become a client or learn more about the services Moore Counseling and Mediation Services, Inc. provides, contact MCMS by telephone at 216-404-1900.  Or visit the website at 

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

St. Jerome Catholic School Week

St. Jerome School and all Catholic Schools have celebrated Catholic Schools week from January 31 to February 6th , 2016.  The theme of the week was Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service.

To start off the week St. Jerome celebrated mass with our school, parish and neighborhood community.  This was followed by an open house where the students’ work and our building were on display for our present and prospective families and members of the community.

The students made inserts for the Church bulletin describing why St. Jerome Catholic School is so important to them.  We are so grateful for what St. Jerome Parish does for us.  The parishioners are so kind and caring.

Each day of the week was dedicated to a special group of people.  Our pastor, Father Bill Jerse, and our principal, Mrs. Susan Coan received recognition for all they do.  Father Bill has set a challenge for each class to know the Ten Commandments.  In art class students made the tablets and are or have already memorized them.  We are indeed a community of Faith and Knowledge.

An important partnership in our school exists with our parents.  Students wrote letters to their parents thanking them for choosing a Catholic education for them.

The teachers and staff had a special day as well.  We are so grateful when everyone in our school community works together.

We could not celebrate the week without a special day for our students.  Throughout the week they have been writing letters, donating canned goods to the Collinwood Food Bank and paying for a chance to win the candy raffle with proceeds going to the Cystic Fibrosis Association.   Students enjoyed a dress down day, movie and treat along with a no homework evening.  Our students are very caring and willing to serve others in need.  They live the values and faith they learn and are making our world a better place. 

It is our hope that by working together and focusing on faith, knowledge and service, we all use our God-given talents to be the best we can be now and in the future!

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Get Out and Vote!

From March 4th through March 9th residents of Ward 8 who are at least 14 years old will come out and vote for their favorite Ballot Box Projects. There are 36 projects on the ballot, all are arts based, with a community focus. Topics include: Youth Engagement, Collinwood History, Vacancy, and Healthy Eating.

Voting times and locations are as follows:

Friday, March 4, 6pm-8pm, Slovenian Workman’s Home 
Saturday, March 5, 3pm-5pm, Collinwood Recreation Center
Monday, March 7, 1pm-3pm, Euclid Beach Villa
Wednesday, March 9, 4pm-6pm, Salvation Army

There are plenty of ways to find out more about the projects. First, you can go to for information on all the projects. Starting February 4th at Memorial-Nottingham Library you can check out displays for each of the projects that will be on the ballot. There will be several Project Expos with all the projects on display. The displays will be at each of the voting locations.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

It’s Time Again for Taste the Neighborhood!

Taste the Neighborhood is the annual fundraiser for Northeast Shores Development Corporation and will be held on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at the Lithuanian Club located at 877 E. 185th St. Please join us as we sample foods from North Collinwood’s finest restaurants and eateries as well as honor individuals and organizations that have made a difference in our community over the past year. In addition to the delicious offerings from our neighborhood restaurants, there will be a cash bar, and an auction of baskets donated from neighborhood businesses and organizations.

Tickets for the event are $25 in advance and $30 at the door, and can be purchased at Northeast Shores Development Corporation 317 E. 156th Street or on line at Tickets sell out fast so it is best to purchase them as soon as possible. For more information please contact Julia DiBaggio at (216) 481-7660.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Taste the Neighborhood!

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Everyone Loves a Parade!

On Friday, March 4th, come out to celebrate democracy with a neighborhood parade. The parade begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Collinwood Recreation Center and will conclude at the intersection of Shiloh and Waterloo Road. We will march, dance, and twirl our way towards E. 156th Street, down Pythias, and throughout the E. 156th Street neighborhood.

The parade will feature neighborhood musicians, artists, and art projects that the neighborhood will be able to vote on after the parade concludes. There will be two grand stages with short performances located at the corner of E. 156th and Pythias, and on the corner of E. 161st and Waterloo. The parade is a part of Northeast Shores’ Ballot Box Project, funded by ArtPlace, Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, and MetroHealth.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Made in Collinwood

You might know about North Collinwood’s vibrant arts community, but have you met the neighborhood’s makers? The makers movement is a marriage of art, craft, technology and small scale entrepreneurship that is redefining the world of start-up companies. Over the past decade of Northeast Shores Development Corporation’s creative placemaking and attracting artists to North Collinwood, a considerable number of makers moved to and began working in the neighborhood. Some makers have been here decades.From old world sausage to limited edition prints to graphic design and even world-renowned sails, there are small businesses making things by hand every day in North Collinwood.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Welcome Our New & Re-Elected Board Members!

Northeast Shores Development's 2016 Board of Directors

During Northeast Shores' Annual Meeting on January 19th, members had the opportunity to vote for residents and businesses running to be on the Northeast Shores' Board of Directors. This year brought some new faces, as well as some returning directors. Those in the running shared their interest in joining the Board of Directors to the members. There have been some exciting additions. This new class will certainly share their enthusiasm for the neighborhood!

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Collinwood Slovenian Home Now Serving Food

The Slovenian Home at 15810 Holmes Ave, South Collinwood, is now serving food. The limited menu will feature a Slovenian Day special once a week, and a Friday special. The full bar is open 7 days a week; 12 pm-close, Mon-Sat; 1 pm--close Sundays. Stop in and inquire about membership!

Multiple banquet facilites are available for your special events. Ample lighted parking lot and security included. Call Angela, the manager, at 216-681-6649 for more information.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Collinwood Cat Caregivers Event

The Collinwood Slovenian Home at 15810 Holmes Ave, is hosting an event to benefit local, indepent caregivers of feral cats in our community.

There will be a Chinese Auction, raffle baskets, food, and cocktail specials!

Fully vetted cats from local rescue organizations will be available for adoption (approved application is required), so come and add a new member to your family! All funds raised will be used to purchase cat food that will be distributed to local caregivers.

The Slovenian Home is a treasure in the community, so come visit, and enjoy yourself! With friendly bartenders, inepensive drinks and great food, you can only have a great time!

Join us on Saturday, Feb 13, 2016 from 3-6 pm at 115810 Holmes Ave (South Collinwood) for food and fun in support of a great c

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Let Your Love for Learning Grow!

Valentine’s Day Craft

Warm your valentine’s heart with the gift of a special Valentine’s Day Card!

Thursday, February 11 * 4:30pm


Cleveland Public Library-Collinwood Branch & Greater Cleveland Food Bank Presents:


TUESDAYS AFTER 2:00PM (Until Further Notice)

Kids Café

Visit the Collinwood Branch Library after school for Kids Café!

Monday – Friday 3:30pm—4:30pm 

FREE Tutoring in All subjects:  Grades K – 8

Free one-on-one and/or group tutoring and homework help offered in partnership with Cleveland State University’s America Reads tutoring services. Monday – Thursday, 3:30pm – 6:00pm


Math & Music!

Math & Music is a unique after-school program previously held at Cuyahoga Community College.  Students will embed geometry and fractions into original music and choreography!  Wednesdays * 4:30 – 5:30pm

Super Sleuth Readers (Preschool Storytime, Ages 3 through 5)

After reading fun stories, singing songs and rhymes, our Super Sleuths will look further into their stories through play and crafts! Tuesdays, 10:30am – 11:15am

Tuesdays * 10:30am Starting February 23rd.

Wee Read and Play (Toddler Storytime, Ages 18 months to 3 years)

Continue to develop your toddler’s language and social skills! Toddlers from 18 months to 3 years of age and their favorite adult are invited for stories, active songs, rhymes and time for play!

Thursdays * 10:30am Starting February 25th.

Adult Programs:

Free Computer Classes –  PowerPoint I, PowerPoint II, Publisher I, Publisher II.  Fridays in February- 11:15 a.m. - Starting February 5. 

GED Classes:   Tuesdays and Thursdays * 12:30pm-2:30pm.  Call 216-371-7138 for registration information.


Special Events

Collinwood Safety Committee Meeting

Friday, February 5th * 11:00am

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Chore Services

This program provides free home maintenance for moderate to low income Clevelanders aged 60 and up. It helps residents live independent lifestyles while improving and maintaining the City's appearance. 

Chore workers are City employees who provide services such as general and heavy house cleaning, lawn mowing, removing/installing storm windows, painting (limited), simple home repairs, and carpet cleaning. They will also install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and remove snow. Chore indoor services are primarily available from December to March.

Donations are accepted to support the program, and can be mailed to the attention of the Chore Program, at the Department of Aging. All money collected is used to provide services. 

216.664.2833 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - 75 Erieview Plaza, Cleveland OH 44114

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Cleveland Care Calls

This free automated telephone reassurance system calls on Cleveland Seniors. If a Senior does not respond, Public Safety may be called to check on them.

Care Calls use the WARN, or Wide Area Rapid Notification system.

Over 54,000 Clevelanders 65 years of age and older receive automated calls with tips during excessively hot or cold weather and in emergency situations.


216.664.6316 or 216.664.2833 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Aging Mastery Program

The Cleveland Department of Aging and Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging will be running the Aging Mastery Program® at Cleveland Recreation & Senior Centers in 2016!

The 10-week Aging Mastery Program® (AMP), developed by the National Council on Aging, encourages mastery - developing behaviors across many dimensions that will lead to improved health, stronger financial security, and overall well-being.

By participating in this program, older adults will:

  • Make and maintain small but impactful changes in your health behaviors, financial well-being and enrichment in later life.
  • Get REAL incentives and rewards for taking small steps that can improve your well-being.
  • Meet new friends, provide support and encouragement to your peers, and become more involved in your community.

The Aging Mastery Program® (AMP) is a comprehensive and fun approach to aging well that encourages people to take actions to enhance their health, financial well-being, social connectedness, and overall quality of life. Central to the AMP philosophy is the belief that modest lifestyle changes can produce big results and that people can be empowered and supported to cultivate health and longevity. Equally important, the program encourages mastery—developing sustainable behaviors over time. Participants in AMP go through a 10- week core program with speakers and activities.

Life expectancy has increased dramatically over the past 50 years, yet people are generally unprepared for living longer lives. AMP offers an innovative approach to guide individuals through this phase of life. The program incorporates evidence-informed materials, expert speakers, group discussion, peer support, and small rewards to give participants the skills and tools they need to achieve measurable improvements in managing their health, remaining economically secure, and contributing actively in society. All program materials and resources align with the goal of helping people enjoy self-sufficient lives.

16300 Lakeshore Boulevard
9:30am Fridays, beginning February 5 

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

Omeleggeddon Smokehouse Cafe - Stop in Today !

It is time to stop eating the same old eggs for breakfast. It is time to break out of your shell. It is time for you to visit Carl and Antonio at  Omeleggeddon Smokehouse Cafe and have a deep fried omelette. It is light. It is unique. It is delicious!

Omeleggeddon Smokehouse Cafe is located at 651 E. 185th St. in the old Euclid Fish building. They are open Monday through Saturday from 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Omelettes are not the only items that these talented chefs excel at creating. Their Cuban sandwich is perfect. Their salads are healthy and fresh. There Cleveland "Poutine" tater tots are a taste treat covered in cheese curds and beef gravy. They have a wide menu of paninis, wraps, and omelletes. They also have really good coffee.

It is time to try something wonderful and different for breakfast or lunch. Stop in at Omeleggeddon Smokehouse Cafe and tell them the Observer sent you.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 4:59 PM, 02.06.2016

The 999 Story

The 1890’s were the hay-day of the American railroad industry.  The aggressive spiderlike consolidations of the New York Central Railway by the industrial barons of the day, Erastus Corning and Cornelius Vanderbilt came under a cloud of negative public popularity. To change this image, the NYC embarked upon breaking the world train speed record just before the Chicago World Exposition in 1893. On May 10, 1893 on a run between Buffalo and Syracuse the specially designed train was the first vehicle to achieve over 100 miles per hour, reaching the unheard of speed of 112 miles per hour. The engine behind this record was the legendary 999 which was rebuilt and now is located at the Chicago Museum.

The Collinwood Yards are one of the principal repair facilities and freight transfer points of the New York Central railroad, originated in 1874 when it established a rail center in the village of Collinwood. A brick roundhouse was built to house and repair locomotives; nearby, a machine shop, housing an engine room, blacksmith shop, and an office was constructed with upstairs apartments for the use of the road's employees. The freight transfer yards were located on the south side of the main tracks, with extensive stock yards north of them. In 1874 at least 500 engineers, firemen, brakemen, conductors, and other employees made their headquarters near the yard to handle the 72 freight trains arriving daily. As the railroad grew, so did the village of Collinwood, with its population reaching about 3,200 by the 1890s. The yards, situated along present-day E. 152nd St. just south of the Lakeland Freeway, were expanded in 1903 and again in 1929; at that time they included 120 miles of track and could handle 2,000 cars daily. In 1933 the facilities employed about 2,000 workers. By the end of World War II, the Collinwood yards became a major switching and diesel repair facility for the NYC. 

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Volume 8, Issue 1, Posted 5:34 PM, 01.05.2016