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Councilman Update

Wow! Have we been lucky with this weather.  There is still some winter to come with snow and ice.  As always, hazardous road conditions on city streets should be called into (216) 664-2510 along with all the potholes that are popping up.  Be proactive and drive carefully.

The contractor working on the East 185th Street Marcella Road Storm sewer project is now working 24 hour shifts in order to move this much needed and critical project along. Completion is still set for the end of the year – if everything goes according to schedule.  Please continue to support the businesses along East 185th Street; many have been severely impacted by the project. Thanks, again, to all for your patience and understanding during this construction period. It has been like root canal but we all know it is needed to address the wide spread basement flooding in the area. Work is continuing as well on Holmes Avenue and areas adjacent to and off of St Clair Avenue to address storm sewer issues in the St. Clair corridor and beyond.

Demolition of the properties adjacent to the historic LaSalle Theatre has taken place. The three structures are down and work will commence soon on the new LaSalle Theatre parking lot. This is a joint project involving the CDC, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, the Northeast Regional Sewer District and the Cuyahoga County Landbank. My thanks to all for their involvement. The additional parking for the LaSalle Theatre is critical in ensuring the success of this entertainment complex.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Cleveland Clinic Euclid Hospital Cares for the Community

Cleveland Clinic Euclid Hospital has been part of the Euclid and Collinwood communities since 1952 when it moved from Glenville to its current location.  The hospital has a strong history of caring for the community, which is a tradition that continues today. Nationally renowned specialties include sub-acute (skilled nursing) care, neuro-rehabilitation, emergency medicine, senior behavioral health, geriatric assessment, orthopaedics and outpatient rehabilitation.  The hospital continues to invest in improving the services offered for patients.  In fall of 2019, Euclid Hospital opened a new Senior Behavioral Medicine Unit.  The $3.1 million investment created increased living space for Euclid Hospital behavioral medicine patients with rooms, dining and common areas.  Currently, a $1 million inpatient pharmacy upgrade is underway, to be completed in April, and a $600,000 renovation to the aquatic therapy pool is scheduled to begin this spring. 

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Adopt-A-Flower-Bed on E. 185th St

BEST Community Resource Center is searching for public involvement in the enhancement of the E. 185th St community. The Adopt-a-Flowerbed program is a volunteer-based activity where area volunteer groups "adopt" and maintain designated flowerbeds on E. 185th St.  Kick off for Adopt-A-Flower-Bed is on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22, 2020

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Cleveland Clinic Launches Eight-Week Health Challenge in Euclid / Collinwood

Cleveland Clinic is offering a free eight-week health challenge for the Euclid / Collinwood communities. This fun competition will build on the success of the 2019 health challenge, which saw participants lower their blood pressure, lose weight and learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle. The next challenge kicks off on March 4, 2020 with an event from 5:30-8:30pm at Euclid Hospital Waltz Auditorium, 18901 Lake Shore Boulevard in Euclid. The kick-off event will include an introduction to the program, initial health screenings, educational information and light refreshments. The eight-week program includes group exercise sessions and health talks with Cleveland Clinic caregivers and other lifestyle management professionals in the community. Pre - and post-challenge health screenings are performed to help participants track their progress and celebrate their success. The program is free, but registration is required. To register or for more information, visit, call 216.692.8969, or email or
The "Euclid Collinwood” 8-Week Health Challenge is part of the Healthy Communities Initiative (HCI) - a collaborative effort between Cleveland Clinic and community partners to promote optimal health and wellness.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

SJN Celebrates Black History Month

Several times each year, the faculty and families of St. John Nottingham Lutheran School gather together to share a meal, fellowship, and see the work the SJN students are doing. This February, we celebrated Black History Month with a wonderful soul food meal provided by Mr. Paul Walton, a respected member of the St. John Nottingham School Commission. The students displayed research and art projects in which they explored the many, many contributions African-Americans have made (and continue to make) to our great society, told parents and visitors about the accomplishments of a wide variety of black inventors, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, politicians, and authors, and just had a lot of fun.

We call these meetings FACT Nights, which stands for "Families All Come Together," and that's exactly what happens. The families that make up SJN all come together to join as one in celebration and community. Prospective and curious families considering SJN as a school are, of course, always welcome at these events. If you are interested in attending, simply contact the SJN office to find out when the next one is happening!

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Come join us for services in Lent

Please join us for services throughout this season of Lent as well as for Holy Week. 

We do many things to prepare for the Joy of Easter.  Wonderful food, Easter baskets, nice clother, maybe new, are just a few ways we prepare.  We invite you to join us in Spiritual preparation for the Resurrection of our Lord and our own redemption.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Celebrating Catholic Schools!

Jaidon helps our Kindergarden students with thier Bingo cards.  Every one was a winner in this annual tradition.

Sunday, January 26 was Open House at St. Jerome school to kick off Catholic Schools Week.  Catholic Schools Week celebrates Catholic schools and everyone who attends and works at a Catholic school.  At St. Jerome’s school each day brought something different and new to celebrate.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Heroin Epidemic: It won't happen to my kid

There is a Heroin Epidemic that is killing our kids, and it isn't going away, it's only getting worse.  No one wants to talk about it and everyone thinks it won't affect them.  I used to think that way until 2012 when I found out my daughter was using and less than 9 months later we lost her to an overdose. Back then it was just the beginning of Heroin taking a hold in cities all across our country, and I knew nothing about the drug much less how to help my daughter. Now you have Fentanyl mixed with Heroin and the deaths are increasing. 

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

DWGN Radio presents The Community Record Contest

Calling all Soloist, Rappers, Groups, Instrumentalists, Spoken Word Artists to present the opportunity to win studio time to record your very own original Single to be played on several nationwide radio stations, be on several radio interviews and shows, featured in various magazine and newsletter articles, perform in the IRC Concert Tours, Conferences, Events, and much more.  Registration is available through April 18th. Go to the Indie Radio Coalition webpage, to register or contact Donna Walton at for more information.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Black History Facts and Voting Rights!

2020 marks the 150th anniversary of the 15th Amendment (1870) which gave the rights to black men to vote after the Civil War. It also marks the centennial of the Nineteeth Amendment and the culmination of the women's suffrage movement.  African American and the vote, recognizes the struggle for voting rights among both black men and women throughout American History.  It is an ongoing conflict for people of color that continues into the 21st century.  Even before the Cicil War, free black men first petitioned state legislatures for the right to vote, but it wasn't until 1870 when the 15th Amendment was ratified providing that "the right to vote shall not be denied or abridged on basis of race, color, or previous condition of servitude."

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Free Paint comes to Greater Collinwood

Are you already planning for the spring? Making a list of your spring outdoor projects? If one of those includes painting your house or touching up your trim we may be able to help you.  The City of Cleveland is working with Greater Collinwood Development Corporation on the 2020 Exterior Paint Program.  Qualifying applicant can receive up to $1500 in free pain and supplies. Income limits are higher than other programs which will allow more people to apply. 

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Bonnie Gordon (March 16th, 1959 - January 30th, 2020)

Christmas Eve at Ted's

 What does one say about Bonnie Gordon. She was a big chunk of Cleveland. Since moving to Collinwood, we've met a cast of characters, and I mean that in the best sense of the word. People who really care about their friends and neighbors. Bon was a promotor and activist in her own way for the betterment of the neighborhood and  community at large. Irish and born on the cusp of St Patrick's Day, believing that it was merely an extension of her own birthday celebration. Bonster was an ole hippie chick, rock band roadie, and die hard Brown's fan all rolled up into one Zig-Zag. 

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

St. Mary's Fish Fry

Come on down to the best fish fry on the East Side of Cleveland. Enjoy a warm atmosphere with great polka music playing all afternoon. Prices as follow. All seafood meals are $10, Homemade Mac & Cheese $6, Soup of the Day $3, Extra fish ( 1 Fried Fish 3 Shrimp,  or 1 crab cake) $3 Extra side (Cole Slaw, Applesauce, Home Fries or French Fries) $2. Also, each meal comes with a piece of homemade Slovenian Apple Strudel! We look forward to seeing you this Lenten Season. We are open from 3-7 PM every Friday from February 28th until April 3rd. We are located at 15519 Holmes Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44110

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Construction begins at Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant

Work on Easterly's eight aeration tanks will begin in March. They are the long, rectangular tanks shown in center of image.

Photo credit, NEORSD (2018)

Beginning in March, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District will begin construction of the Aeration Tanks Rehabilitation project (ATR-4) at the Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant. The prime contractor for this $10.4 million project is Shook Construction Co.; entire project is expected to last two years.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Celebrate the Accordion at Euclid's 38th Super Button Box Bash, Sunday, April 5

Join the squeezebox celebration at the Polka Hall of Fame's Super Button Box Bash 38 at the Slovenian Society Home in Eculid, Sunday, April 5.

Join the squeezebox celebration at the 38th annual Super Button Box Bash on Sunday, April 5, 2020. Dance to the sounds of sixty accordions on two stages, plus jam sessions all day. The Slovenian Society Home in Euclid, Ohio, becomes the Woodstock of Polka Music just for the occasion, from 12:00 to 9:00 p.m.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020


At this time when we remember, and even revel in, the freedoms we have as women (including the right to vote) let us remember the price many women before us paid as they sacrificed and worked to see this day finally come true! And as we celebrate, let us not forget the women we interact who are pained with the loss of a child due to death, a court order, or a miscarriage....Those who are barren and desire to have a child....Those who are dealing with the loss of a marriage, a home, a business, a dream, or even, the desire to live.
As we console others, let us look to Jesus to fortify us. He said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30 Holy Bible NIV.)
This great Advocate, Champion and Liberator of women, Jesus, lived some 2,000 years ago. He deterred the stoning of a woman to death who was caught in the act of adultery and whose accusers were guilty of the same. He spoke to a woman whose ethnicity and lifestyle were regarded with contempt. This was considered taboo, yet, he took the time to speak to and listen to her. He rebuked a woman for being too busy to spend time sitting and listening to him as he taught his 12 disciples, and he used another woman that was sitting with his disciples as an example for her to follow. Before his death he instructed one of his disciples to care for his mother. Then He hung his head and died for us.
You are of more worth than you can even begin to fathom; so is every woman you interact with, whether here or on the other side of the globe. Value her and value you. Remind yourself daily that Jesus Christ, the greatest Advocate, Champion, and Liberator of women loves you so much that he willingly died for you! Women! Celebrate and revel in that too!

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Mock Interview Workshop

 Greater Collinwood Development Corporation is hosting a mock interview workshop with Dress for Success Cleveland and Passages, Tuesday March 17th, 10:00am-2:00pm.

Find out what hiring managers look for during the interview process and get feedback about your interview skills from workforce professionals at Dress For Success Cleveland and Passages, Inc.

Mock interview workshop attendees will receive a ticket to a private suiting event the following week for interview-appropriate attire.

Registration for the job readiness workshop is encouraged. For more information and to RSVP, please call: 216-268-2138.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Five Pointe Community Center: Our Focus is Community

Five Pointe Community Center

FPCC is a local community center managed by Greater Collinwood Development Corporation dedicated to serving the people in the Greater Collinwood area. FPCC focuses on providing inclusive programming for all residents as an ongoing effort to build community and provide resources.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Keep Cheryl L. Stephens on County Council: She’s Working For Us

“Energetic. Smart. Hard-working. Loyal.” These are a few words used by Cheryl Stephens’ supporters to describe the Cuyahoga County Council representative who is eager to continue a second term serving the residents of Collinwood, East Cleveland, Glenville and the nearby Heights communities. 

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Substitute Opportunities Available at SJN

There are opportunities for Substitute Teachers at SJN for the upcoming and the current school year. Subs must have a minimum of a 4 year BA or BS degree from an accredited university (Education major preferred) and must have a clear FBI/BCI background check. SJN administration is currently interviewing potential substitutes for grades K through 8. Contact the SJN office at (216) 531-8204 if you are interested in exploring this opportunity.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

SJN Student of the Month: Samuel Boone

SJN's March Student of the Month is Samuel Boone! Sam is a 4th grader in Mrs. Maynard's class. His favorite subjects are Math, because he likes how he gets to learn something new every day, and reading because, well, because in his words he just "likes to read." He loves playing basketball, soccer, and football, and hopes to play on the SJN team next year (as long as his mom says it' OK, that is). He's really into Roblox, a videogame, but in the summer, likes to get outside to play as much as he can. His favorite show is the anime "My Hero Acadamia," which he likes to watch in the original Japanese while reading the subtitles (although he did once typ some words into an online translator, and found out that the subtitles aren't always accurate).

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Gcdc Hosts Hiring Event In Partnership With Us Census Bureau

Greater Collinwood Development Corporation hosted its first US Census Bureau Hiring Event, Wednesday Feb. 5th at Five Pointe Community Center. Attendees received information about and assistance in applying for the US Census Bureau Enumerator position. Cleveland Industrial Innovation Center was also in attendance to provide information about and to recruit for a General Labor position, which they are currently seeking to fill.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Mfg Works Provides Training, Transportation To Jobs

Manufacturing Works, formally Wire-Net, recently launched a transportation pilot that connects individuals to jobs in the manufacturing sector. Utilizing idle church vans in partnership with Cleveland Clergy Coalition and the American Association of Clergy and Employers, the organization seeks to address the “no car, no job; no job, no car” paradox and has identified Collinwood as a transportation hub.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Gcdc Partners With State Rep, City Council For Eastside Jobs Expo

Greater Collinwood Development Corporation has partnered with State Representative Terrance Upchurch, Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, Cleveland City Councilmembers and Famicos Foundation for the Eastside Jobs Fair & Resource Expo, Saturday March 14th. The expo will be held at Aspinwall Outreach Center in Collinwood , 9:00am-1:00pm. Employers across the region will be recruiting for immediate employment opportunities, and job seekers will be able to obtain information about training and job readiness events. 

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Gcdc To Host Manufacturing Training Pilot Information Session

Greater Collinwood Development Corporation will host an information session with Towards Employment about the workforce organization’s pilot manufacturing training program, March 10th at Five Pointe Community Center. The session will spotlight manufacturing as a family-sustaining career and provide interested candidates with information about the 4-week TE training course. 

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Join Our Team: Workforce Development AmeriCorps VISTA

Greater Collinwood Development Corporation is proud to announce we were awarded an AmeriCorps VISTA through Ohio CDC Association (OCDCA) AmeriCorps program. We are seeking an ambitious AmeriCorps VISTA to assist in the development of a workforce development program for Northshore Collinwood, Collinwood Nottingham Villages, Euclid Green and Glenville East. This position will be one-year of service, the service year will begin June 8, 2020 and end June 7, 2021.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Cleveland WPC Provides Updates on the East 185 Street & Marcella Road Relief Sewer Project

Work is progressing on theEast 185 Street and Marcella Road Relief Sewer Project that will help reduce street and basement flooding during heavy rains. The project will continue through summer and it is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

Micro-tunneling will continue for several more weeks. Micro-tunneling is not loud, but causes vibrations felt above ground. Traffic on East 185 Street will remain limited to a single northbound lane while the southbound lane is closed between East Park and Pawnee avenues. For the next few weeks, the northbound traffic lane will shift slightly while a water main is being relocated.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

The Color Purple

Black is the color of Ash Wednesday as Pastor Ron Rollins 'imposes' ashes onto the forehead of church member Mrs. Harolyn Gruden

With the black of Ash Wednesday behind us, we enter the season of Lent with the color purple. But why purple? Purple suggests repentance and solemnity. Its deep dark richness invites us to slow down and consider the sacrifices Jesus did for us. 

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

More Than Just Food

As impressive as the food distribution is at the CCC3 Hunger Center on the East Side of Cleveland, there is more to this seemingly small ministry than just food. Area residents who qualify to access the Center are also given the opportunity to rummage through the extensive clothing offering as well.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020


On Saturday, March 14th, 2020, Mr. Miziker, Vice Principal of St. John Nottingham Lutheran School will be hosting a Prospective Student Day from 11 AM to 4 PM! Come meet the teachers, see the facilities, and more! There will be raffles for prize baskets, SJN Spirt Wear will be available to be ordered, and Mrs. Rollins, the Secretary will be on hand to assist with any and all paperwork, from applications to records transfers and even scholarship applications for Cleveland (Voucher) Scholarships and EdChoice/EdChoice Expansion.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Nan's Notes

At Waterloo Arts
Annual Juried Show: Call for Artists

Entry Deadline April 5th: 2020 WAJE  Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 12 AM – 11:30 PM
Waterloo Arts Gallery, 15605 Waterloo Rd, Cleveland, Ohio 44110 
Waterloo Arts invites all artists residing in the US or Canada to submit artwork for the 2020 Waterloo Arts Juried Exhibition. This is a unique opportunity for artists to exhibit work in Cleveland, Ohio. As in previous years, the Juried Exhibition will take place in three locations in the Waterloo Arts District: Waterloo Arts Gallery, Praxis Fiber Workshop and Brick Ceramic + Design. Artists will also receive substantial exposure during the district’s largest community event, The Waterloo Arts Fest, welcoming more than 5,000 attendees. This is the sixth year Waterloo Arts Juried Exhibition has coincided with the Waterloo Arts Fest and the fourth year that accepted work will be exhibited in three different spaces on Waterloo Road. As in past years, Waterloo Arts will also offer a small stipend to all accepted artist to help defray costs associated with entry and shipping.
Save the Date:
Playwrights Local Present “Hey Siri”  March 20-29
Having moved to Virgina Beach - Tamicka Scruggs has returned to Cleveland to tell this heart wrenching tale of pain, loneliness and redemption. Written by Dr. Mary Weems and directed by Michael Oatman.  
Playwrights, BTW, reports that of the eight playwrights receiving  Individual Excellence Awards from the Ohio Arts Council this year, four have had plays produced by Playwrights, and one has appeared in their annual Cleveland Playwrights Festival.
At Six Shooter
Six Shooter Coffee has the everything bagel - and the other classic flavors you’ve come to know and love, daily, courtesy of Cleveland Bagel. Pairs wonderfully with literally any drink on the menu. That makes them almost a restaurant, doesn’t it?
At Pop Life
Aura Aura - March 13, 14 & 15

Experiential portrait project Aura Aura acts as a vessel for exploring the #humanatmosphere by utilizing analog technology and instant film that is no longer being produced. Through a non-traditional long exposure, emulating a double exposure process of capturing your bio-magnetic, vibrational energy, they make the metaphysical visible, resulting in awe-inspiring, one-of-a-kind portraits. For more info please visit
At the Beachland
Sunday March 15th - Robert Lockwood Jr. 105th Birthday Memorial

Celebrating the life of blues legend Robert Lockwood Jr. with a free show featuring local blues favorites. The show will also include a premiere of ‘Real Blues Spirit,’ a film showcasing a concert from Robert Lockwood Jr. at Brothers Lounge in 1994. Free Event

Garden Ideas from SWCD
Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District is offering two great ways to put your landscape to work on behalf of the waters of Euclid Creek this spring.
1) Plant some natives. This year you can purchase native plant kits, native trees, or native seed packets. Native plants have longer root systems than traditional turf lawns and help to soak up water during rain events. They also require less fertilizer, meaning less nutrients contributing to Lake Erie Algae Blooms.
2) You can plant native trees. As everybody on the planet must have read by now, trees act as the earth’s lungs – and the SWCD also has native trees.
Order from Deadline for Spring Native Plant Kit Orders: March 11th. Deadline for Native Tree Orders: March 24th. Seeds available year round.
Dreaming of Spring?
Thinking of the repairs that you need to do around the house? If your house needs painted this year, maybe PAINT CLEVELAND can help. This is the 2020 exterior paint program the Greater Collinwood Devcorp are running in conjunction with the City of Cleveland. Call AJ @ 216.383.9772 x 205 to get find out if you qualify, and to set a time for application. Deadline is February 28. Both owners and tenants may apply. You will need to complete a lead safe work practice class and you will receive vouchers for up to $1500 for paint and supplies. AJ is also available for walk-in appointments at Five Pointe Community Center on Mondays and Thursdays.
Shop Class for Motor Bikes
Molly Vaughan and Brian Schaffran started Skidmark Garage as a place for motorcycle riders to come, fix up their bikes, share parts and knowledge. It’s a community DIY garage.
"We knew not only do kids need shop class, but they need to find places where they could work on something together and find commonality in a place outside of the classroom,”
Every week, students from schools throughout Cleveland, including Design Lab Early College, Saint Martin de Porres High School, University Settlement and soon, Magnificat High School, will come to the garage to get hands on learning, by building up and breaking down motorcycles – advancing your knowledge of math as well as of engines.
 With their mobile rig, the group can pack up all of the equipment in Skidmark Garage and bring it to each school, and then set up shop right there.

  Tax Prep at the Library
Get your taxes prepared for FREE! Collinwood Catholic Ministries in partnership with Euclid Public Library will be providing tax preparation services by appointment Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4pm-9pm, and Saturdays 9:30am-2:30pm. Visit or call 2-1-1 to schedule an appointment today.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Paving the way for more parking!

On February 17th, demolition started on the LaSalle Tavern and adjoining house and garage. Demo of these buildings will allow the LaSalle to more than double it's parking lot capacity. Stay tuned throughout the next few months for more updates! 

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Over 200 VASJ students receive awards on Scholarship Day

More than 200 students were awarded over $350,000 in scholarship money during Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School’s Scholarship Day on Friday, Jan. 31. Each of the scholarships was created to recognize the accomplishments of current VASJ students.  

Alumni Health Care Careers Scholarship
Alumni of the school who are involved in healthcare-related careers founded the Alumni Health Care Careers Scholarship. Dr. Holzheimer presented $750 scholarships to students who are interested in a career in the healthcare field, have above average skills in science, maintain a good conduct record and are actively involved in the school.  The recipients of the $750 scholarships are:

Josie Cannon
Micah Dunn

The Barbara A. Blaser Scholarship 
The Barbara A. Blaser Scholarship is given to young women who excel in technology classes and have an interest in a business career. The recipients of a $500 scholarship are:

        Emelia Rowell
        Leah Stanoch

Thomas J. Brazaitis Scholarship
The Thomas J. Brazaitis Scholarship is awarded to juniors with an interest in journalism, communication or English. The students maintain a good conduct record, are above average students and represent the true values of VASJ. This award is named after the late Tom Brazaitis, an author, Plain Dealer Washington Bureau columnist and VASJ Hall of Famer. The recipients of a $500 scholarship are:

        Margaret Radachy
        Desi Dillard
        Asaya Davis

William Breslin Scholarship
The William Breslin Scholarship is a $500 award given to students who maintain a GPA in the upper 25% of their class and are athletes who are models of quiet humility. The recipients of a $500 scholarship are:

        Samantha Turk
        Titus Bates        
        Paul Paciorek

The Centa Family Scholarship
The Centa Family Scholarship has been established by St. Joseph Class of 1970 alum William J. Centa to recognize students with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA who are involved in two or more extracurricular or club activities. The recipients of $1,000 scholarships are:
        Maurice Jackson
        Abigail Buzdon
        Amya Parker

Clark Blaine Clark Award
The Clark Blaine Clark award was established as a memorial scholarship for three members of the St. Joseph Class of 1990: Steven Clark, Frederick Blaine and Thomas Clark. The award was established to recognize a football player who shows spirit, camaraderie and commitment to the Viking community. Steve, Fred and Tom were members of the State Division II Championship football team. Tom was a student council president and one of three seniors selected to speak at graduation. Steve also wrestled at 189 pounds on the State Division I Championship wrestling team.  All three were to attend college on football scholarships. The recipient of this $500 award is:

      Calvin Trickett

Dailey Family Scholarship
The Dailey Family Scholarship has been established by Don and Mary Jo Dailey. Don is a St. Joseph Class of 1970 alum. The scholarship recognizes students who have shown leadership and dedication to the Viking community. The recipients of a $750 scholarship are:

        BK Kwasniak
        Clarke Moore

Daniel Flannery Scholarship
The Daniel Flannery Scholarship recognizes students who demonstrate a strong work ethic effort, strive to improve academically, are positive role models in the Viking community, maintain a 2.5 GPA, and are active and always willing to support fellow classmates. The recipients of $750 scholarships are:

        Precious Henderson
        Matthew Paus

Davis-Kerscher Scholarship
The Davis-Kerscher Scholarship is awarded to hard-working students who demonstrate a true appreciation of a strong Catholic education and maintain a 3.25 GPA. The recipients of $1,500 scholarships are:

        Rhiannan Edwards
        Dorian Booze
        Joshua Freed
        Sierra McGaughey

DeBartolo Fund Scholarship
The DeBartolo Fund Scholarship is given to a daughter of a Villa Angela alumnae who excels in donating time and talent through service to others. The recipient of this year’s $2,000 award is:

         Ashanti Turner

Umberto and Mary Ellen Fedeli Family Scholarship
The Umberto and Mary Ellen Fedeli Family Scholarship recognizes students who are examples of living the Gospel values, exhibit a strong work ethic, give service to their community and school and are excellent role models. The recipients of $750 scholarships are: 

        Annalise Gibbons
        Cha’Nyra Cooper
        Aaron Martin

Tom L. Fink Memorial Scholarship
The Tom L. Fink Memorial Scholarship has been designated by the Fink family to go to a member of the VASJ football team who has demonstrated outstanding zeal, enthusiasm and commitment to student life as well as passion and commitment to study, work and sports. The recipient of a $500 scholarship is:

          Charles Kortovich

Thomas J. Gentile Memorial Scholarship
The Thomas J. Gentile Memorial Scholarship has been created by the Gentile Family in memory of Thomas J. Gentile, a St. Joseph High School graduate of the Class of 1971. Tom was a successful businessman and long-time baseball fan and coach. Recipients are students who participate in baseball or fast pitch, maintain a GPA of at least 3.0, have a good conduct record, and are interested in a career in business or becoming an entrepreneur. The students who received a $1,000 scholarship are:

        Lawrence Osborne
        Catherine Webb

H.J. Jack Getler Memorial Scholarship
The H.J. Jack Getler Memorial Scholarship goes to an outstanding student who has made the greatest contribution to the professionalism of the school’s literary magazine, Ventures. Candidates maintain a 2.6 GPA and represent the characteristics of a true Villa Angela-St Joseph student. The recipients who received $1,000 each are:

        Shauna Burkes
        Christian Wilson
        Alexandria Parker

Robert Gliha Memorial Award
The Robert Gliha Memorial Award has been designated by the Gliha family in memory of Robert Gliha, a St. Joseph High School graduate of the class of 1970. Robert was the deputy director of economic development for the City of Euclid, where he dedicated a 37-year career to the development of the city and its local businesses. The recipient is a student who excels academically in the area of science, technology, engineering and math, has demonstrated leadership and is actively involved in service to VASJ as well as the community. Selected to receive a $1,000 scholarship is:

        Taniyah Chaney

Brian Kasunic Memorial Scholarship
The Brian Kasunic Memorial Scholarship is awarded to seniors who display generosity toward others and exhibit leadership, character and Viking spirit. The recipients of $500 scholarships are:

         Reiley Freed
         Arielle Robinson

Joy Kwasniak Swanson “Live For Joy” Memorial Scholarship
The Joy Kwasniak Swanson “Live For Joy” Memorial Scholarship was inaugurated in 2008 by the family of 1991 VASJ graduate Joy who succumbed to cancer in 2006. This scholarship is designated for students who exhibit the characteristics of a stout leader and an overachiever. The recipients of $2,500 awards each are:

        Tamia Hameed               
        Taniya Hameed

Kathryn Kerver Scholarship
The Kathryn Kerver Scholarship is awarded to a current Catholic student who shows school spirit, maintains good conduct and attendance, and is willing to be of service to others. The recipient demonstrates dedication, determination and maintains at least a 2.5 GPA. The recipient of a $500 scholarship is:

           Mario Palomino

Lieb Family Scholarships
The Lieb Family Scholarship has been established by the Lieb brothers to recognize students who have completed their sophomore year, maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, demonstrate Christian values, and are involved in two or more extracurricular or club activities. The recipients of $1,000 scholarships are:

         LaShonda Bailey
         Bridget Thompson
         Ayden Martin-Stuble

Pat Lyons Memorial Scholarship
As an All-American scholar athlete and a St. Joseph High School graduate, Pat Lyons reached out to help students succeed and graduate from VASJ. The Pat Lyons Memorial Scholarships, for $1,000 each, recognize four athletes who exhibit good character and citizenship.  This year’s student athlete selections are:
        Randi Seagroves
        Jamal Hill
        Dezlenae Edwards
        Dezzlen Edwards

Gloria “Mrs. M” Melaragno Scholarship
The Gloria “Mrs. M” Melaragno Scholarship is named in honor of Mrs. Melaragno who was affectionately known as “Mrs. M” by legions of St. Joseph High School students beginning in the 1960s. The scholarship awards students who are academically and spiritually solid and display the traits Mrs. M exemplified: selflessness, humor, kindness, hospitality, friendship and sensitivity to others. The recipients of $750 scholarships are:

        Jillian DiDona
        Calvin Trickett

Tim Misny “Make Them Pay” Scholarship

The Tim Misny “Make Them Pay” Scholarship was established in 2019 by St. Joseph High School graduate of the Class of 1973 and well-known attorney Tim Misny. The scholarship recognizes classroom improvement and increased effort by students over the previous school year. The recipient of $750 scholarships are:

         Sophomore Morgan Parker                                                             
         Junior Kayla Franks

and a $1,000 award goes to: 

         Senior Jareion Washington

Eugene Oberst Memorial Scholarship

The Eugene Oberst Memorial Scholarship awards mathematics students who have shown great effort, try hard, or have made significant progress in their study of mathematics. The students who received awards of $500 each are:

         Pharell Mills
         Kaylon Ferguson

Fred & Diana Prince Science Scholarship
The Fred & Diana Prince Science Scholarship is awarded to a junior who demonstrates excellence in science and plans to major in a science or technical field in college. The recipient also demonstrates leadership abilities in scientific activities at VASJ, has a social consciousness regarding the use of science, hopes to have a career in a science field and is a person of strong moral character. The recipients receiving $1,000 awards each are:

        Sydney Adkins
        Anika Duhigg

Joseph A. Radican Scholarship
The Joseph A. Radican Scholarship is named for long-time history and social studies teacher, speech and debate moderator, and former principal Joseph Radican, a member of the St. Joseph Class of 1956 and an inductee into the VASJ Hall of Fame. Mr. Radican, who retired in 2004, passed away in May 2011. The scholarship in his name honors an exemplary social studies student who is actively involved in school life. The recipient of a $500 award is:

         Ashley Holbrook

Timothy W. Robertson Memorial Scholarship
The Timothy W. Robertson Memorial Scholarship recognizes students who are outstanding academic performers and models of school spirit.  The basketball court here at VASJ is named for Mr. Robertson, not just because of his devotion to the sport as a long-time statistician, photographer and most enthusiastic fan of the basketball team but for his steadfast loyalty to all things Viking. The highly respected math teacher and member of the St. Joseph Class of 1962 was a friend to all at VASJ. The recipients of a $1,000 award are:

        Joseph Webb
        Shaunna Burks        
        Kevin Eiseman

Amy Sambula Memorial Spirit Scholarship
The Amy Sambula Memorial Spirit Scholarship recognizes a female student who has spirit, drive, enthusiasm and a love for VASJ. She is a leader and inspires moral leadership in others. The recipients of a $500 scholarship are:

        Kennedy Ashford
        Megan O’Donnell

Joseph M. Scaminace Scholarship
The Joseph M. Scaminace Scholarship is named for St. Joseph Class of 1971 graduate Joseph Scaminace. This scholarship awards students who are academically ambitious and display a strong sense of ethics, tenaciousness and personal responsibility. The recipients of a $750 award are:

        Sophie Sito
        Nathan Oriani

Scheidel Scholarship
The Scheidel Scholarship was established to assist students who have high aspirations, strong academic performance and financial need. A cumulative minimum GPA of 3.25 is required. The recipients of $2,000 scholarships are:

         Desi Dillard
         Emily Reichert
         Nathan Ford
         Jordan Dean

St. Joseph Class of 1958 Scholarship
The St. Joseph Class of 1958 Scholarship honors young men who are Catholic, reside in Euclid or Cleveland, have demonstrated scholarship and a love of learning, and are in at least the 10th grade. The St. Joe’s Class of ’58 Scholarship winners of $1,000 each are:

        Thomas Sweet
        Thomas Ridler
        Thomas Kelsey

Judy and Roger Sustar Scholarship
The Judy and Roger Sustar Scholarship was established by Judy Sustar, Villa Angela Class of 1961 alumna, and her husband, Roger Sustar, St. Joseph Class of 1961 alumnus. The scholarship recognizes students with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA who come to school every day, work hard, put forth effort, stay out of trouble and are involved in extracurricular activities. The recipients of a $1,000 award are:

        Shareese Jackson
        Mya White
        Gino Tomaselli
        Devon Crosby

William Sopko Music Award
William Sopko, a 1967 graduate of St. Joseph High School, established the William Sopko Music Award to recognize a student who has shown improvement or dedication to his/her music education. The recipient of this year’s $500 award is:

          Chloe Fuller

Evelyn A. Svete Memorial Scholarship
The Evelyn A. Svete Memorial Scholarship was established by Sandra Turner, a Villa Angela Class of 1966 alumna, and her husband, Jeff, to honor Mrs. Turner’s late aunt, Evie Svete, a 1941 graduate of Villa Angela Academy. A successful businessperson, Evie Svete supported those who worked hard and demonstrated the traits of kindness, generosity, determination and integrity. The recipients of $1,000 scholarship are:

        Ava Longstreet
        Maiya Jackson        
        Josephine DiDona

Jeff and Sandra Turner Scholarship
Jeff and Sandra established the Jeff and Sandra Turner Scholarship to recognize students who reflect the characteristics of the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland, the order’s foundress, St. Angela Merici, academic excellence, and social consciousness rooted in contemplation, justice and compassion. The recipients of a $1,000 award are:

        Jermaine Bragg
        Adam Ruggeri

Nicholas Valentino Memorial Scholarship
The Nicholas Valentino Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of the 1964 graduate of St. Joseph High School by long-time friend Mark Haskell. For 26 years, Mr. Valentino was an accountant and a member of the Ohio Bar Association as well as the president of Advisory Services Inc. in Cleveland. Nominated by VASJ faculty and chosen by Mr. Valentino’s family, recipients are students who maintain a minimum G.P.A of 3.0, are in good standing with the school, display a strong work ethic and moral character. The recipients of $1,000 awards are:

        Charles Mullin
        Melana Blase
        Nneka Scott

Joseph P. Veasey Scholarship
Inaugurated in 2008 in memory of Joseph Veasey, a 2003 VASJ graduate who passed away after battling leukemia for 16 months, the Joseph P. Veasey Scholarship is designated to a junior or senior who excels in mathematics and displays strong academic curiosity. The recipients show interest in art, architecture or engineering and model Marianist family spirit by cultivating meaningful interpersonal relationships and developing a strong sense of community among their peers. The recipients of $1,000 awards each are:

        Dylan Solnosky
        Michael-Jade Greene

Viking Scholarship
Viking Scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each recognize one student per class as model VASJ students who demonstrate strong moral character, scholarship and leadership. The recipients of the 2020 Viking Scholarship are:

        Freshman Johnathan Pitts
        Sophomore Zac Tizzano
        Junior Willo Singleton
        Senior Ian Sterrick

Peter C. & Eileen R. Welsh Scholarship
The Peter C. & Eileen R. Welsh Scholarship is given to a student who’s active in the Viking community and demonstrates the true spirit of the Viking family. The student should be involved in extracurricular activities and be a positive influence in the Viking community  The student should also maintain a 2.5 GPA. Receiving scholarships of $1,500 each are:

        Rayna Reid
        Nicholas Sweet
        Mark Ballard
        Robert Malinowski

Kay & Vince White-Petteruti Family Scholarship
The Kay & Vince White-Petteruti Family Scholarships are given to students who display kindness toward other students and demonstrate a true understanding of what it means to be a member of the Viking family. Students must also appreciate the benefits of a strong Catholic education and acknowledge the sacrifices their family is making to send them to VASJ. Receiving scholarships of $1,500 each are:

        Mia Taylor
        Arlaina Brogden
        Ian Sterrick    
        Precious Henderson

Zlatoper Family Scholarship
In memory of Joseph M. Zlatoper, the Zlatoper Family Scholarship is offered to students who excel in math or science courses by a better than average grade and have demonstrated an interest in math or science as a career. The students also demonstrate the Viking character and spirit that’s a VASJ tradition. Receiving scholarships of $750 each are:

        Misrach Ewunetie 
        Rebecca Hamper
        Kyla Graham

St. Joseph Class of 1969 Scholarship
The St. Joseph Class of 1969 Scholarship was established by the Class of ’69 on the occasion of its 50th reunion celebration. This scholarship is given in gratitude for the blessings of the Marianist culture and education these alumni experienced in the Viking Village both inside and outside the classroom. Proudly called “The Class with Heart,” the Class of ’69 awards this scholarship to VASJ students who embody the Viking traditions of school spirit, hard work, friendship and concern for others. This year's recipients of $1,500 awards are:

        Tyler Boyd-Roston
        Jayda Bacchus
        Ry’Onna Smith

Donald D. Lynch Family Foundation Scholarship

The Donald D. Lynch Family Foundation has awarded Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School a $10,000 renewable grant for the purpose of providing scholarships for students who are goal-oriented, focused on education, work to their potential and have demonstrated behavior that’s consistent with the school’s code of conduct. Most importantly, the student must be actively living his/her Catholic faith by following the example of Jesus and living the Gospel of the Lord in all that he/she does.

The following three scholarships were awarded:

The recipient of The Donna Lynch Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $5,000 is Micah Dunn.

The recipient of The John & Margaret Lynch Family Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $2,500 is Charles Mullin.

The recipient of The Fr. David McBriar, OFM Scholarship, in the amount of $2,500 is Aneea Holman.

Howley Family Scholarship

The following students were selected for the Howley Family Scholarship as incoming freshmen. These students demonstrated high academic achievement in grade school and placed in the top third of the VASJ Placement Test. These students have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA while at VASJ, participate significantly in at least one extracurricular activity, maintain good standing with the school, and submit semi-annually an outline of their progress and academic accomplishments to the Howley Family Foundation. Combined, they’ve been awarded $121,600.

Jamyla Brooks
Colin Hatcher
Maria Karboski
Sydney McDowell
Mary Radachy
Natalie Rutkowski
Za’Niyah Smith
Gaia Taylor
Nathan Udics
Nicholas Udics
Zachary Banasik
Rachel Barker
Isaiah Batts
Devin Cook
Patrick Dunmire
Thomas Kelsey
Shaienne Peacock
Sha’Miah Richardson
Danae Seals
Tamia Young
Makayla Brady
David Hoffman
Autumn Redd
Alana Reed
Jasmine Riddle
MyKayla Smith
Jenna Vislosky
Ariel Winfrey
Daysha Burton
Davante Callahan
Jay’Mai Chatman
Maura Kinsella
Jalen McMillan
John Parker
Jacob Smith
Jalia Tyner-Gaston
Isaiah White
China Williams

Entrance Exam Scholarship
The following students were awarded a scholarship based on their Entrance Exam Scores. Each of these students scored in the top 10% of his/her given year’s entrance exam and has maintained certain levels of honors to renew his/her monetary award. Their combined awards total over $123,750.

Layla Boyd-Clayton
James Butler
Josie Carpenter-Lewis
Darian Davis
Kyla Graham
Rebecca Hamper
Ryann Helmers
Madison Jablonski
Maria Karboski
Zachary Kohler
Sophie Nowak
Vanessa Rivers
Peyton Zeigler
Austin Barnett
Chloe Fuller
Ryan O'Connell
Apollo Percic
Nathan Udics
Colin Hatcher
Nicholas Udics
Mary Radachy
Devin Cook
Josephine DiDona
Patrick Dunmire
Joshua Hatcher
Layla Hunter
A'mya Jackson
Thomas Kelsey
BK Kwasniak
Emmanuel Lashley-Anderson
Caroline Monaco
Julia Mucci
Megan O'Donnell
Matthew Okocha
Paul Paciorek
Filippo Pavlica
Brendan Quinlan
Emily Rice
Sha'miah Richardson
Damoni Rucker
Niya Schady
Sara Adams
Makaila Alexander
Jayda Bacchus
Titus Bates
Melena Blase
Isaac Bonner
Abigail Buzdon
Eric Sito
Joseph Spear
Edward Sustaric
Aniya Tables
Zac Tizzano
Gino Tomaselli
Christopher Williams
Amara Hill
Andrew (AJ) Fabo
Briena Staunton
Devon Crosby
Misrach Ewunetie
Henry Spear
John Mauceri
Maura Kinsella
Lucia Vidmar
Rhiannan Edwards
Richard Trivisonno
Sarah Carroll
Sophie Sito
Wrigley Bailey
Alexis Ball
Desi Dillard
Ethan Graham
David Hoffman
Ashanti Johnson
Ayden Stuble Martin
Margaret Radachy
Jay'len Chatman
Robert Guzzo
Kaitlyn Jablonski
Kayla Harsley
John Michalski
Edward Marxen
John Parker

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Save the date: Continue the Dream gala May 16

Join Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School for its biggest fundraising event of the year, the Continue the Dream gala, on Saturday, May 16 in the VASJ Gym. The gala supports the school’s effort in providing quality, Catholic education in the traditions of Ursuline and Marianist values. This year will also recognize the 30th anniversary of VASJ and its ongoing legacy present and thriving today.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

Join us for VASJ Night at Progressive Field May 29

Show off your school spirit at the ballpark and come support our Cleveland Indians during VASJ Night at Progressive Field on Friday, May 29! The game starts at 7:10 p.m. against the Kansas City Royals. 

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020

VASJ basketball hosts Broadmoor Bobcats

You could feel the love at Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School on Valentine’s Day when the Broadmoor Bobcats traveled to the school to take on the VASJ Vikings basketball team. 

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 5:26 PM, 03.09.2020