Health Care

This is my first article on health care. The first item on this subject is to set up a human health care Bill of Rights for everyone and not just the uninsured. This Bill of Rights would include everyone alive and being born. I would include those people who wish to have special consideration to themselves when they pass away. The framework will specifically state that every human being requires the right to be born, and that decision should be made by the parents, doctors, other family members, religious involvement, and possibly an attorney. The next right, whether it is for a newborn or aged human or anyone else, is the right for pre-screening checkups on a regular basis. The next right is for prescriptions to be available for the wellbeing of everyone as wellness measures for continuing a health existence. The next item is for mentally ill people that require both treatment and medicine to help control the ailments or relieve the problem for a time. The last item, for now, will be the right to rehabilitation: continued treatment and care for those in need. There are more things to discuss about this topic at a later time. I just wanted to express this opinion so everyone could start thinking about it. I will talk about more in my next article. Thank you for reading and thinking about my health care Bill of Rights.

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Volume 1, Issue 6, Posted 10:02 AM, 12.10.2009