Collinwood has a new Community Organizer & Safety Coordinator

As a former Police Officer of 34 years, Greg Pollard is utilizing his prior experience to track crime, as well as work with the community to prevent future crime in Collinwood. Greg has been a friend of the Ward 11 community for a long time.  He graduated from Collinwood High School and lives in the Collinwood community with his family. During his tenure with the Cleveland Police Department, Greg worked in the Ward 11 Police Mini Station and has worked with City Council Members on a wide variety of safety related issues. Greg looks forward to serving Ward 11 in this new capacity. 

How this new program can help you:You can get free safety audits of your home or business!·You can get help/advice on starting or reviving a block watch club.· Your block club can schedule presentations on a variety of topics related to neighborhood safety/quality of life/public participation. 

What we hope to achieve:Help make residents and businesses more aware and safety conscious, which increases the overall safety and quality of life in our neighborhood.· Revitalize block watch clubs and enhance public involvement in the Ward 11 community, especially pertaining to safety related issues.·Work with existing block clubs and community organizers to help ascertain the safety issues as well as formulate doable solutions.· Educate residents on how to effectively communicate problems to Police and other safety forces, increasing the effectiveness of public involvement. 

Summer Safety Tips:Don’t leave your lawn mover, bicycles, etc. on your front lawn unattended.· Close your garage door.·    Don’t leave lights on when you are gone that are never on when you are home. For example, if you never turn on the living room light when you are home, then don’t turn it on when you leave. (You are sending a clear signal that you are not home!)· Don’t leave children unattended.· If you see something that you think looks “wrong” or “suspicious’, call the Police at 216-621-1234. 

How you can get involved:It’s up to all of us to keep Collinwood safe this summer.  To get involved, contact Greg Pollard:  216-383-9772, 216-531-8456 

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 1:22 PM, 06.03.2010