Collinwood High School Alumni Association asks us to "Pray for our country"

The Collinwood High School Alumni Association's (CHSAA), current newsletter (January 2011), has a front page article asking readers to "Pray for our Country," for one minute each day. This idea started because of the thousands of emails that have been circulating through the country, explaining how "the people of the United Kingdom, during World War II, prayed for their country for one minute (1) at 8:00pm on a daily basis."

The CHSAA suggests that we "might want to adopt this habit," because of  the "many and varied crises happening today..."

Locally, this wonderful idea began in the Litchfield Assembly of God Church, as an Adult Sunday School Project, and it has since "spread to (the) entire congregation..and surrounding  communities."  Many people are setting their clocks and cell phone alarms to 8pm, as a reminder to pray.

Readers are asked to spread the word to other churches, "friends, neighbors and organizations,"  to "join with all of us in praying for God's protection for our country."

"The power of prayer is known throughout this planet!"

Jeanne Coppola

Jeanne Coppola is an artist, and a lifelong resident of the Collinwood neighborhood. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Jeanne Coppola is an artist and a life long resident of the Collinwood neighborhood. She graduated from Collinwood High School, and attended Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C), where she studied art and creatve writing. As a student, she was a staff writer for the Tri-C student newspaper, "The Spectrum." Jeanne also attended Cleveland State University (CSU), and received her Bachelor of Arts Degree, in Liberal Studies, in May 2007. Her student activities include: evaluating fiction and poetry submissions for the CSU literary magazine, "Whiskey Island, and assisting the student editor with cataloguing manuscripts." She also was a staff writer for the CSU student multicultural magazine, "The Vindicator." Her awards include: a scholarship from the Cleveland Scholarship Programs, Inc., and a first place award for Illustration in an Annual Juried Student Art Show, at Tri-C.

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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 1:07 PM, 03.08.2011